In the Press: Awesome Squared

Hey BusiChic,

Are you one of those types who would like to connect and engage with interesting folk, come across more great ideas and help support awesome projects get off the ground?

Well then I recommend that you check out this Broadsheet Melbourne article on the Melbourne Awesome Foundation and the launch of the second chapter, Awesome squared. We’re a group of folks who work all sorts of different jobs to pay the bills but are committed to making awesome happen, no strings attached.

I introduced current members of the Board in this BusiChic series last month as we’re now hiring.

In order to be eligible, we have a two-step process:
(1) you need to register your interest by either completing this form OR completing these questions:

The questions are:
Please share your day-time role, what keeps you busy and any social media accounts.

1. What are you about?

2. Most valuable thing you’ve learnt on the job?

3. Your definition of awesome?

4. Share something you’ve found/made on the web?

5. Violet Crumble or Crunchie?
please email your responses to join[at]awesomefoundation[dot]org

(2) We need to meet you and you need to demonstrate that you are committed to the financial outlay – $100 each month and time commitment to attend the meetings each month (you must always organise a replacement if you can’t make the meeting yourself). So we need you to come to the Awesome MEGA Party where we’re raising $3000 and giving all attendees a vote to decide which awesome project should get the mega grant.
Click through here to support this project and we look forward to receiving your applications and meeting you at the party!

BusinessChic is about keeping us all inspired at work and facilitating awesome 😉

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