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In this BusinessChic series, I document the various networking events that I attend.

Business Chicks is a national networking group that seeks to enrich the lives of business women. Hosting a bevvy of opportunities to network (as well as the impressive Latte magazine for Premium and Corporate members), I particularly like the range of speakers that Business Chicks secure. So far I’ve listened to the likes of Richard Branson and Napolean Perdis and note that men can attend events too!

This week, I attended an event this week where I photographed a fellow Business Chick and took part in a Happiness Workshop delivered by Tony Hsieh (pronounced “Shay”) from Zappos. I highly recommend this article to get an idea of Tony’s work ~ via Jan Stewart

The outfit
When dressing for a network event, I like to think about the message I’m trying to get across via my outfit aka visual branding. I think it’s important to be professional but also to show a bit of one’s personality. As such I was impressed by Samantha’s chic Little Black Dress (LBD) which she’d blinged up with a fabulous pair of shoes:

Samantha rocks a polished LBD by adding a fabulous pair of shoes.

When at a conference, have the courtesy to place your name tag where it's easy for people to see like Samantha does here. Also impressive is her novel pendant which she has pinned to her LBD - a nice touch, Sam!

Samantha with Business Chicks Chief-Chick Emma Isaacs

The Happiness Workshop
From the Business Chicks website:

In Australia for the first time, Tony will share his career highlights including:
Founding LinkExchange which he sold to Microsoft for US$265 million
His philosophies as CEO of billion dollar online retailer Zappos (sold to Amazon for US$1.2 billion)
Writing his book, Delivering Happiness, which debuted at number one on the New York Times bestsellers list and stayed there!
How he’s amassed over 1.9 million Twitter followers

A thought leader and highly respected business innovator, Tony’s meteoric rise to success has been likened to that of Steve Jobs.

I liked that the talk actually opened with Tony’s friend Jenn talking about the book they wrote together called, Delivering Happiness – A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose. The book spun off into a tour where events were held to deliver happiness across the US and it’s now a movement of which Jenn is CEO. It provided a context and an end-goal for the sort of business Tony builds.

Tony talked about the three characteristics he looks for in a "great business"

Tony spoke at length, much of which was tweeted with the hashtag #businesschicks throughout the session. The key messages that I took away from Tony’s speech was that it is the responsibility of an entire company to deliver happiness to the customer. It’s not just front-line facing staff – we each have a role to play. It’s also imperative that the company culture is conducive to empowering staff to spend 8.5hours on a phone call with a customer if that’s what they feel will deliver happiness to the customer! An extreme example perhaps but one I found refreshing to hear, considering the stories we hear in the news about companies laying off staff and reducing services; cost-cutting measures to maintain profits.

I had the opportunity to pose a question to Tony, which I got wordy with but was nicely summarised in this tweet from Jan Stewart:

Jenn and Tony shared their email addresses at the end of their presentations. Something that struck me about this and something that I’ve been experiencing with people I’ve had the chance to work with recently, is how open, awesome people are. If you are ever in Vegas, Zappos offer tours of their office which Wai Hong tells me includes walking past Tony’s unassuming desk in amongst his staff on the floor. Jenn and Tony are giving in their information (you can even request free copies of their book) because they are of the philosophy that we are not actually competing with each other. For the Jenns and Tonys of the world, the definition of being a great company is one that delivers happiness. They hope that others will also be inspired to deliver happiness. The more people who join the movement, the greater the impact of their work. You can look into joining the movement here.

Jenn and Tony

Links to Business Chicks, Jenn Lim, Tony Hsieh and those I networked with during the event are all throughout the post.

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PS: In case there is any confusion at all, I’d like to take a moment to stress that this website is in no way affiliated with Business Chicks other than my being a Premium Member. We are two completely separate entities and are pronounced quite differently; the “chic” in “Business Chic” is NOT pronounced “chick”.*
“Chic” (pronounced “sheek”) has been taken from the French and refers to style and elegance. “Business Chic” refers to the timeless fashions that can be worn in the workplace that are so classic that they do not date. Business Chicks on the otherhand is the national women’s business network headed up by Emma Isaacs which is also open to men. Hurrah!

* I really do not mind how you’ve pronounced it; it’s whether you share BusiChic with friends and family that matters 😉

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  1. Samantha’s pendant is such a great touch to that LBD. Gorgeous.

  2. Really like Samantha’s shoes! 🙂

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