The magic of colourful pants

Colourful pants. I was having a chat with a friend on the weekend who wondered aloud how the young people in her conservative workplace could think that bright red pants were appropriate. Sure, I hadn’t seen the offender myself but I insisted that colourful pants can be work-appropriate if styled properly – and today’s BusiChic is the perfect case, FOR!

Bryony Cole in a colourful take on workwear for eyecatching presentation-chic!

In my opinion, Bryony (who is no stranger to BusiChic) has made her bright pants, Contemporary Business Wear-appropriate by teaming with a structured black blazer and boots. I think her outfit is perfect for her role as the Ambassador for Reading – this is what she wore when giving a presentation. It’s that eye-catching mix of statement & professionalism. Nice work Bry!

Want to know more about Bryony’s presentation, click here!

Are brightly coloured pants appropriate for your workplace?
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  1. I agree with you. In addition to how it’s styled I also think that the fabric (more then the style/cut of the actual pants) has a role to play too. Bryony has done such a great job here!

  2. she looks so hot!
    like this fashion style

  3. Wow I love this look! You’re right she makes the pants look really professional! they have a really nice shape to them 🙂

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog too – if you start a shoe range I’d definitely buy! The most supportive shoes are not always the most comfortable!

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