The new lens

Hey there BusiChic! I got a new camera lens! Truth be told that its coming about wasn’t the best thing; whilst photographing myself for the BusiChic LBD Project, I didn’t secure my tripod properly such that the darn thing toppled over and landed right on my old camera lens and it kinda fell apart. Amazingly I was able to shove it back together and still use it to go on to photograph yesterday’s post and this post and this post. I did have to be really careful though because the lens would actually fall out when I was doing close-ups which as any BusiChic would know, I do a few of so was rather inconvenient! Anyhow with a little help of some photographers on Twitter, I worked out a replacement lens and this is the first post featuring photos that I took with the new lens! Sadly however, I had not yet mastered my new lens in order to do today’s BusiChic full justice but hope that there’s enough to inspire you here!

So moving along, today’s post should really be focused on the fabulous hair of BusiChic Kelly in her Contemporary business wear.


I like that Kelly’s ‘do keeps her hair out of her face. As a side-swept-fringe-devotee myself, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been advised to ditch my ‘do in the interest of a more professional and less-fussy/distracting look. Kelly’s hair makes a bold statement but I think it’s pretty sharp and fabulous and would be perfect with a conservative business suit. And in case you’re wondering, is assembled via a strategically placed hair clip and loads of hairspray.

Kelly’s working a blazer from Kookai, blouse by Sadie, skirt from Review (how cute is the lace detail at the hem!?), hosiery from kayser, shoes from Basque, Fiorelli bag and DKNY watch.


  1. Love that skirt! 🙂

  2. Huzzah for a new lens! (Weirdly, I was actually doing some wishful browsing for a new lens just before I read this post…)

    I love the girl’s hair in this outfit – it looks amazing! How on earth does she get it to behave so well?

  3. I wish I had long her instead of this ‘in between’ mess! I’m doing a photography course this Saturday, so excited. I’m always paranoid about my lens falling out. Back to the picture…her hair and her shoes are gorgeous!

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