Walk to work in all of the sneakers

I was telling a friend over the weekend about how I’ve bought a sneaker colouring book. It’s a book full of illustrations of designer sneakers. My plan is to ask the children of my friends to colour in their favourite sneakers which I can then frame for around the house. As things stand, I still have some time to wait!

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about this suited-man-wears-sneakers post in which BusiChics joined in the conversation about wearing sneakers to work. For many of us with foot concerns (or simply those who are mindful about the importance of good foot support), wearing sneakers to work makes sense. However from my style-scouting point of view, I’m interested to explore whether this look can be made more stylish… enter, Richard.

My colleague Richard has an enviable number of sneakers and kindly agreed to pose for me in this style story that looks at the sneaker style available to professional men.

white sneakers with multi-coloured detail

A suit and white sneakers.

Grey hi-tops

A suit and grey hi-tops

Black sneakers- these ones have some hi-shine

A suit and black sneakers

What do you think of Richard’s sneaker style? I myself am partial to the white sneakers however think it’s because I like the multicoloured detailing more than anything! The black sneakers are much more subtle IMO, what do you think?

Thanks Richard for helping out with this style story and stay tuned because later in the week, I’ll show Richard’s full work ensemble with the shoes he changes into once at work!


  1. Love his sneaker collection!

    I used to wear sneakers to work when I hurt my knee, I needed the support. Always felt funny wearing them with dresses and business dress. Richard pulls them off though 🙂


    • Me too, Mica!

      And yes as a dress wearer myself, I’m also finding sneaker style quite challenging to pull off! I might do a similar post for the ladies although do I really need to illustrate how bad it can look!?

  2. He looks great!! I think guys definitely have more options with this look than chicks do. I know there’s lots of comfortable “stylish” shoes out there but the problem is they’re never really stylish at all – more in the realms of fugly.

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