Week 5: The Sweater Guard

It’s Week 5 of the BusinessChic Little Black Dress (LBD) Project (#BusiChic #LBDproject for those of you following on Twitter) and I’m turning my attention to old school sweater guards.

Dearest BusiChic, may I preface this post by asking you to please bear with me as I’m writing this post from the backseat of a car heading down on the Hume Highway after a truly beautiful few days in Victoria’s high country- thanks to all for the dream-like and beautiful Play Make Do. I plan to update this post when I’m free of all effects of motion sickness!

So sweater guards! I first came across these accessories when I photographed a cycling BusiChic in this post. I found out that they were used in the 50s (need to reference check this) to keep cardigans in place around the shoulders when Sandra Dee didn’t feel like putting her arms through the sleeves.

Cardigans are my go-to item of clothing for adding a layer to summer ensembles to keep the air-conditioner chill at bay. Here’s one of my favourite attempts at simple-but-business-chic LBD office style with a cardigan and a set of sweater guards:

It's week 5 of #LBDproject and I'd like to re-introduce the sweater guard!

earrings I bought these while in Bali and was sad to hear maker discontinued them as they’re light in weight but add statement to work ensembles dress Bento sweater guard etsy bag Witchery shoes Casadei

My floral sweater guards that I like to bling up a simple cardigan and black dress combo

On a side-note, please pardon my unruly hair; I’m in between hairstyles and having such difficulty styling it for work. I’d love your tips if you could please share!

Love the look and want your own sweater guard? Try browsing etsy.com or make your own with this DIY Sweater Guard post from Paper Garland.

Overview of LBDproject to date and to see BusiChics working their black dresses!


  1. Wow! I would love to have a sweater guard like that. Super nice!

  2. Cheryl, your hair looks really nice!!! It gives your outfit a cool touch. But if you do want to wear a very tidy hairdo, I would agree with Vanisha and highly recommend the big bun à la Carrie Bradshaw (one of my favourite bad-hair-day-remedies at the moment).

    ***Frieda @ProjectStyle

  3. You inspired me to go onto etsy straight away to look at all the gorgeous vintage sweater guards! I’m still to decide on one…..

    You didn’t say where your cardi is from? It’s very cute.

  4. Beautiful! So ’50s chic but your style. And I’m loving your hair!

  5. Oooh I’ve never heard of or seen sweater guards before ! I like!

    Great for work 🙂


  6. My favourites list on Etsy is packed full of sweater guards – I really must do something about buying one or two! They should go perfectly with my wardrobe full of cardigans.

    I absolutely adore the way the gorgeous little floral sweater guard adds an extra touch of personality to your outfit. It’s perfect!

    • Well Katie, it sounds like I need to find this favourites list of yours; I’m always on the look out for more sweater guards! 😛 but seriously they make for great, still-unusual gifts – I’m a little surprised that the high street shops haven’t churned them out yet??

  7. I love sweater guards. I’m constantly cold and sweater guards are great for those ‘I’m hot and also a bit cold’ moments. Yours are particularly nice. I’m growing my hair out and it’s driving me nuts. I’ just put it into a bun and use bobby pins to keep the shorter bits up. Boring :s

    • Thanks Vanisha, I think that I may need to use more bobby pins! I’ve been surprised each day that despite the many I’ve poked in, that my ‘do always looks as if it could use a few more!

  8. Cheryl, you so incredibly chic in this outfit. Love, love, love it.

    Miss Bias : )

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