Week 8: Access all areas

In this installment of the BusinessChic Black Dress Project, I show you one way I make sure I have my office access card on me as I welcome new sponsor, Halcyon State!

Week 8: In the absence of pockets, string your access pass up on a ribbon!

The heat is on and I’m accessorising my Bento black dress with a Totomoto Australia ring from Halcyon State and a piece of ribbon that I bought from my local $2 shop. You see BusiChic, I’m one of the hundreds and thousands of workers in Melbourne who carries a swipe card to get into office buildings.

Access-card-chic 😉

In the absence of pockets, I find it handy to tie a ribbon around my waist and clip the lanyard to it. Black ribbon camouflages well into Melbourne’s favourite shade although I do like to play with the ribbon textures. While grosgrain is my favourite finish as I believe that it makes for a more chic finish; it may sometimes rub up fabrics the wrong way (causing pilling!) such that I find a smooth satin ribbon is preferable.

A well-made statement ring is the perfect way to add some tasteful bling to one's LBD. I'm partial to brass jewellery like this number that has detail which the wearer can extra-enjoy like reading the name of the maker - nice touch!

Many thanks to everyone who has tweeted, facebooked or emailed support for the BusiChic Black Dress Project this week! I’m really excited to start working with Halcyon State so that I can help showcase the work of Australian and New Zealand designers that wonderful proprietor Leigh Gibson stocks and I love. What do you think of the ring I’ve chosen to bling up this week’s LBD style?

And in the absence of pockets, how do you carry your access card??

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  1. The ribbon is such a good idea. I love dresses and skirts with pockets, it’s one of the first things I check when buying clothes 🙂 Your hair is growing out beautifully too!

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