Business man wears an Akubra

Greetings BusiChic,

Welcome to a new working week – I hope that you’re refreshed and ready for some business chic inspiration!

Today’s post is not supposed to be an advert for Akubra but you know, it might as well be. I’m genuinely surprised to find out that the makers of the iconic Crocodile Dundee hat can also make a relatively stylish topper; check out today’s BusiChic to see.

A polished hat tops off a sharply-tailored suit.

Now BusiChic, if you are going to wear a hat during your daily commute; please err on the conservative side and remove it once you get to the office. It is outerwear so like a heavy coat, inappropriate indoors. That said, if you are a creative or a conservative with a particularly big personality (hmmm), you may just be able to keep your hat on… I’d love your thoughts!

Rod wears:
Suit and tie – Kenzo
Shirt – Sarti
Boots – RM Williams
Belt – Carnaval de Venise
Hat – Akubra (from Beggar Man Thief on Clarendon St, South Melbourne)
Glasses – Paul Frank

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  1. He wears that hat well! I agree with you though that it’s best to take it off indoors! 🙂

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