Can women wear bow ties?

Can women wear bow ties?

I was in a store once; one that caters to both business men and women. I was admiring the bow ties that were in such lovely materials and colours that I started thinking about whether I could incorporate a green gingham one into my own workwear. The salesperson would have none of it and was rather discouraging in a somewhat impolite way such that I didn’t feel like handing over my money to them!

Some time later I was watching the special features on the Roman Holiday dvd, my friend Janie had gifted me. I was rather chuffed to watch the screen test that got Audrey Hepburn the role where she wore a bow tie of sorts:

Dressed to impress for an audition, Audrey Hepburn wears a bow tie.

I need to learn more about bow ties. I can’t tell whether Audrey is wearing an actual bow tie or if it’s a piece of velvet ribbon etc that she has tied around her neck and fashioned into a bow.  I might need to have a play myself!

As such I was pretty excited when I photographed today’s BusiChic featuree – a snappily dressed creative woman sporting a bow tie!

Get creative like Charlotte and rock an androgynous ensemble at work.

Charlotte wears a vintage lavender bow tie with: blazer, pant and belt by Hugo Boss; Ben Sherman shirt; Midas shoes.

What do you think of Charlotte’s work style? She was working in a creative capacity but I like her flair and polish and would love to see more people showing such flair rather than completely bumming down on say, Business Casual days. But that’s just my own thought, what do you think??


  1. You know what, I never really thought of wearing a bow tie before. But after reading this post its actually something I might try out! I guess you need the right outfit though, but those pictures look cute so maybe I’ll give it a shot 🙂

  2. I really like it! I think if you stick to feminine colours and prints like she has you can really pull it off. Although saying that Audrey is wearing a black one and looks fantastic!

    Definitely worth grabbing a bit of ribbon and giving it a go – snooty salesperson obviously isn’t very open to having fun with fashion! 😛

  3. She looks amazing! EVERYBODY should wear bow ties

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