Clothing Exchange at LMFF

Greetings BusiChic!

Have you been following this week’s coverage of the shows and streetstyle fashion at L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) 2012? << there’s a link there should you wish to catch up! Otherwise, I hope that you’ll enjoy today’s look at some events in the LMFF Cultural Program. First off the rank is the Clothing Exchange.

Lara McPherson explains the rules of Clothing Exchange, "no elbows!"

The Clothing Exchange was one of the events that made up the Sustainability component of LMFF’s Cultural Program. You see, while other events might leave you lusting to buy a new item of clothing; the Clothing Exchange is the opportunity to swap what you already have for something you don’t.

How does it work? Quite simply really and with quite a thrilling element too, might I say! Exchangers pay for a ticket to the event to cover costs of admin and can bring up to six (6) items to swap. Upon arrival, your items are assessed by a friendly (and might I add, oft stylish!) member of the Clothing Exchange who will check your items to ensure the quality of items swapped. Assuming that you’ve brought along items that are clean and in good condition, you will be given a number of buttons which are the Clothing Exchange’s equivalent of currency.

Some of the goods on offer at the Clothing Exchange ~ a LMFF sustainable fashion event.

Items are then hung out on enviro-friendly clothes hangers and arranged in an enticing way as shown above. Once open, exchangers are given the opportunity to browse and try-on items (communal changeroom with your friendly swappers) before checking out back at the Clothing Exchange desk where you are able to “purchase” your new-found treasures with your special Clothing Exchange buttons. For some reason this process reminded me of Jack and the Beanstalk and his magic beans which might be part of the explanation as to why I found this whole experience quite thrilling! For more concrete but still friendly details on the Clothing Exchange, you might like to see the Frequently Asked Questions here.

creating a gif

My dearest Lara McPherson modelling a more BusiChic piece that was up for swap at the Clothing Exchange event held during LMFF. I’ve been to Clothing Exchanges before where I’ve brought along work suits and pieces but this time was quite casual and swapped for more casual items myself. However this has gotten me thinking about whether to hold a BusiChic x Clothing Exchange event. This way we can all meet and swap for new work-appropriate clothes? Particularly as leftover items are donated to Fitted For Work – an organisation that helps disadvantaged women get clothes they need to go for interviews to get the jobs that will help  them help themselves. Do let me know if you’re interested…!

Want to see more? Check out this super-cute video made by the awesome Leisha McCormack for her blog, Love Local Fashion. I helped Leisha film and photograph her time at the swap – see if you can hear me laughing on the audio (she’s very funny!) and see the frock I picked up that apparently was owned by one Julia Zemiro (wowsers)!

For information about future swaps, visit the Clothing Exchange!



  1. Haha cute gif! A BusiChic Clothing Exchange would be very appealing I think, especially for women who have a lot of work pieces they don’t wear much anymore. Would broaden The Clothing Exchange ‘clientele’!

  2. Looks like such a great event! I would love to come to a busichic clothing swap, how fun! Stuck in the wrong state for that though 😛

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