Leeyong Soo and Naked Fashion

Today another sustainable fashion writer whose uber-fabulous creative workwear I have featured here before but who I simply had to feature again because she wears a top that she made out of car seat material.

That’s right people, car seat material.

Leeyong Soo

Leeyong blogs her outfits made entirely out of items she’s made herself and paired with op shop pieces. Thrifty, fabulous and so clever!

Out of Africa: Leeyong's dramatic layering of necklaces is suitable for her role as a fashion writer, is this something that you can try?

Leeyong tells me that a friend gave her the fabric which she turned inside out and fashioned into this fashion-forward top that reminds me of all the leather t-shirts that are popping up in high-end and high-street collections, alike!

Few can masterfully layer jewellery like Leeyong does. Style tip: play around with different textures to create a unique style statement to layer over simply basics like a plain black top or little black dress.

Leeyong's Out of Africa theme carried on into her bag and bangles makes for a fabulous individual expression.

Naked Fashion is a wonderful book that features the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Livia Firth and Leeyong Soo!

Leeyong and her profile pic in Naked Fashion - does it look familiar? 😉

And because it’s not enough to be a fabulous DIY-fashionista with a finger on the pulse of sustainable fashion; Leeyong is hosting a fundraiser to help animals and save singles on Sunday March 18, 2012 – do come!

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  1. Her whole look is great and what she stands for is inspiring!

  2. I can’t believe she made that top out of car seat fabric! Wow! It looks great 🙂


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