LMFF Cultural Program: The Front Row ~ a Red Carpet Project intitiative

The L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) is just around the corner but the cultural program is already well under way. As part of my commitment to blog every day for the month of March, I’d like to share parts of the cultural program which I think that BusiChics might find of interest. Today it’s The Red Carpet Project’s initiative, “The Front Row”.

Georgia McCorkill of The Red Carpet Project with some of the items she will be customising for attendees during LMFF

In the beginning: everytime a Front Row item is borrowed and worn, a photo will be taken and placed on this board.

The Front Row: first connection is coverage in Peppermint Magazine ~ can't wait to see all of the connections that will take place over the course of the festival!

I first met Georgia McCorkill through my collaborators Lara McPherson and Lou Pardi. Georgia is doing a PhD in Architecture and Design at RMIT and has a strong interest in sustainability. I’ve been fascinated by discussions with her about fashion and recall a question she once posed like exploring whether to be truly sustainable, fashion should stop producing new items… Understandably, her work is not commerical, on her website it says that she creates dresses “in the spirit of activitism.” Her pieces are beautiful and get me thinking about what I consumption in terms of clothing. It gets me interested in being a more conscious consumer – paying attention to the quality of workmanship and sticking to “what I need.”

As part of The Front Row, Georgia has invited attendees to wear a piece from her collection. The plan is that you will work together to customise an item for you to wear. Upon return, the piece may be broken up to create new items for other wearers. Georgia uses materials from old wedding dresses so the fabrics at her disposal are pretty special; when we last spoke she was considering dyeing them also to add another element of interest. I liked the existing coral pieces that she had already dyed and am interested to see whether she adds hues of indigo, one of my favourite colours to wear!

All are welcome to visit Georgia on level 3 of the Nicholas Building in the city from now until March 18. Read more about Georgia’s project through her blog, The Red Carpet Project.


  1. This is a great idea! Can’t wait to see the finished project 🙂


  2. Really interesting post! I try to just purchase what I need, but sometimes it is hard to limit it just to this! I guess the way fashion is headed is in the area of sustainability. After all, we only have one planet and we need to look after it. By the way, have you applied for media accreditaiton with AMPR for LMFF? I have, but I am yet to hear from them.
    Suzi x
    For the Love of Audrey

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