Public Transport Style at Awesome Party

Happy Monday, BusiChic! Today’s workwear inspiration is a uniform that has not been seen on the streets of Melbourne for some time: that of the old tram conductor!

My dear friend Adam, whose Smart Casual attire I blogged here , is a collector of Melbourne public transport paraphernalia. This is why he happened to have all the uniforms required for the tram-themed Awesome Melbourne Foundation MEGA Party that was held late last month!

Adam in Melbourne's ol' tram conductor uniform, complete with satchel and tickets to sell!

I do not recall tram conductors ever looking as schmick as Adam in his hues of green. As such he got me thinking about workers who wear uniforms and the importance of wearing it properly to create a professional image.

Do you remember this sight, dear Melburnians?

...Adam also owns this old tram driver uniform - looking good gents!

The lesson here for uniformed and non-uniformed BusiChics alike, is to make sure that your suit fits you properly. This means across your shoulders (one of my pet peeves!), lengthwise (your sleeve should end at the base of your thumb, your pants down to the the back of your shoes- note that Adam’s taking the micky here with his too-short pants: mr tram driver on the other hand has it right) and volume (avoid overly baggy sleeves or pants). Oh and really do try to keep your clothes pressed and un-wrinkeled to do yourself full justice.

Adam totally rocks the ol' Tram Conductor uniform

For the low-down on the evening, have a read of these wrap-ups, some of which feature images of the 10kg of fabulous cheeses sponsored by Calendar Cheese:
The Awesome Melbourne Foundation
PardiPardi at Awesome Party!
Ruby Red Slippers @ Awesome Foundation Party

Props to the awesome Tresna Lee for hosting this event at inspire9. Read more about the Awesome Foundation here.

Regular readers of BusiChic will know that applicants for the second Awesome foundation board (Awesome squared) were invited to meet with us at this event. Many thanks to each of you who attended and stay tuned: the update on our final board is coming very soon!


  1. Adam Wickens says


    Just scrolling through pictures of Melbourne trams on Google and came across the picture of Adam, who is very snazzy.

    My comment is more a question or a olee for help!

    Having grown up in Melbourne, I always wanted to work on the Trams, but ended up being shunted back to the UK by my parents, haven’t had any joy with that dream. However, I now work on a preserved tramway and am so wanting to recreate the iconic look of Conductors and Drivers who used to work for The Met.

    Can you guys (or even Adam) help me in pointing me on the right direction on where/how to acquire such a uniform? I’d be very grateful if you could.


    • Hiya Adam – I tweeted your question to Adam himself but don’t think he’s had the time to respond.

      I know that he was an avid collector of all things Victorian tram and for a while was selling some of it on eBay. Sorry I couldn’t be more help!

  2. Ben Frawley says

    Classic !!!
    It’s a strange collection subject, but highly worthy.
    Good on you, keep it up.

  3. I love the vintage uniforms! they look so polished!

    Pasted the right thing this time 😉

  4. best look inspector i’ve ever seen! x

  5. I miss the tram conductors! We had such a nice one who wore these amazing green shoes with his uniform. Love the uniform

  6. I remember those old tickets! They were so bright and colourful – Metcards just weren’t as pretty. It makes me very happy to know there are people out there with a passion for preserving history in this way.

  7. I like cute tram conductors, as they usually have change and are up for a chat. Unlike Metcops, who instantly bring on heat-rash and a guilt panic. xx

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