Streetstyle at LMFF: In full colour

How do you feel about colour, BusiChic?

Today’s BusiChic is colour fantastic with not a skerrick of Melbourne’s safety shade of black – I know that I’m inspired, what do you think?

Colour fantastic: a wonderful example of how to bring your favourite hues into the workplace!

I photographed today’s Creative lady prior to a LMFF runway parade and thought she did a fabulous job of looking work-appropriate but fabulously so. She’s incorporated accessories from holiday travels in Bali and added a structured blazer to formalise her ensemble. Nice work, what do you think?


  1. I love the blue and orange together! I really need more colour in my work wardrobe! I rely on the LBD and black pencil skirts a lot. I have the odd bright dress but this outfit just inspires me to bright brighter separates too.

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