Two years of BusinessChic: a reflection

March 1, 2010. The day I started a new Real Life Job and launched BusinessChic. The site has grown in ways and most joyfully, led to treasured friendships and abundantly awesome things. It’s more than a website to me. Building, creating BusinessChic has forced me to question things that I held as the status quo, for the better. I take time out of my busy professional life to loiter and watch the world. Sure I stare at people, I’ve learnt to read their faces, as respectfully and discreetly as possible. I talk to strangers every day. I’m either rejected or get to make connections and I’m a better person for it.

In the documentary on his work as the pioneering streetstyle photographer, I admired how Bill Cunningham held his subjects in such high regard. He was protective of them, he was honoured that perfect strangers had allowed him to capture them. Or at least that’s how I read him and what I can relate to myself.

BusinessChic could have been a website full of images from The Sartorialist. Scott, I had saved a great many of your images that inspired my own workwear over the years. But I wanted to do something different, of my own. I hope that I’ve created a relatively original body of work that is useful to curious, working and/or interested people. I hope that it is useful to you. And the fact that there are BusiChics – you! Thank you for your visits, your sharing and encouragement over this time. I’d love to hear more from you but also respect that you are well, busy πŸ˜‰

So where to from here? Up, I hope. I’ll up the time spent honing my writing and photography. Over the month of March, I’ll be blogging business fashion inspiration everyday of the week. I want to continue creating content for BusinessChicTV and try turning it into a series for a network, pay TV or other content provider. I’m getting up the guts to pitch pieces for publications and websites. I hope to make BusinessChic more useful with more “How to” pieces. I’d love to work with sponsors in new and original ways. I want to do something really special here and I hope that by sharing this that you, BusiChic, will be a part of it.

Two years today of BusinessChic, of my Real Life Job. While I join my colleagues in celebrations of another kind, I’d like to thank you, warmly and sincerely. Thank you.

The BusiChic poem, written by Sophie Curzon-Siggers.
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  1. happy 2nd birthday!
    great work cheryl, love this site xx
    found you through glad you’re on the style panel this month, i was on it last month and it was great fun!

  2. Congrats sweetheart! May you have many more happy blogging years!!!
    Suzi x
    By the way, I am celebrating my 50th Blog post today!!
    For the Love of Audrey

  3. Love that poem! Happy blog birthday πŸ™‚

    I have only discovered your blog recently, but I’m glad I have it’s so interesting and useful! I look forward to seeing what the next year brings you! πŸ™‚

  4. Happy 2nd birthday! Congratulations on this major milestone! The terrible twos are not so terrible really! πŸ™‚ More confident and adventurous and personable mostly! Best wishes for your ongoing success!
    Australia’s #1 style advice site

  5. Congratulations! I really do admire what you have created, it’s truly impressive! Hope to see you soon! x

  6. Well done to you Cheryl!! Happy 2nd Birthday – can’t see what you have in store for the year to come πŸ™‚

  7. Congratulations! You’ve come a long way! Much to celebrate.

  8. Happy birthday! Congrats on everything. Well done for taking the leap and making great things happen.

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