Week 9: LBD and The Front Row Part 1

It’s week 9 of the BusinessChic Little Black Dress (LBD) Project where I wear one black dress to work once a week for the whole year to show you 52 differents way of styling a LBD for the workplace. Perhaps controversially, I shan’t be showing you the LBD today! That’s because I plan on doing a double-post next week to show a little collab with Georgia McCorkill for The Front Row – a LMFF cultural program event – what do you think?!

Today I had the opportunity to visit Georgia McCorkill (whom I blogged about in this post) and have a play with some of her pieces to see how I can wear them to next week’s LMFF fashion week events.

A take on the 1920s flapper dress consisting of a sheathe that is accessorised with a necklace made of strands of colourful fabric.

Our photos here (and my post-cycling helmet hair) don't show all of the detail of the pleating and runching that we put into this number that can be worn back to front as well - as shown by Georgia! The back reminds me of designer Vivienne Westwood's pieces that I admire for their clever construction.

We came up with some re-styles of her existing pieces (which was a very fun thing to be a part of considering my day job as an auditor) before I realised that I should probably try work in my LBD Project!

As such we played around a little bit more…

Collaborating with Georgia to tweak my LBD - see next week how we use her pieces to style my Little Black Dress for work and play in two different ways!

Georgia McCorkill will be running The Front Row on Level 3 of the Nicholson Building from now until March 18 as part of the LMFF Cultural Program.

Come back next week to see the two different ways I’ll style my LBD with Georgia’s pieces when I’m working at LMFF!

Click here to see LBD Project posts showing the various ways that I and other BusiChics have styled our Little Black Dresses for work!

Are you planning on attending any events as part of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF)? Let me know!


  1. What a lovely dress Cheryl~

    Am really excited about LMFF. Have applied for media accreditation as a seated bloggers but still haven’t heard anything back from AMPR =( But I’ll be attending by getting public tickets =P


  2. Hi Cheryl! How fun to get some new ideas about your LBD project. Love that soft black leather belt. \
    I’ll be at the business seminar for LMFF and the luncheon.
    Australia’s #1 style advice site

  3. and oops I pasted the wrong thing, a message not my blog link! I apologise. You can feel free to remove it, I can’t see how to.

  4. ooh that’s a pretty dress! the necklace is beautiful.

    I am looking forward to seeing double LBD next week, it will be very exciting to see what you do with it!

    Now we have a time of prayer and contemplation. We will be praying for you as you consider inviting God into your life.

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