Letterpress business cards with The Hungry Workshop

Greetings BusiChic,

A different post today because I figure that if you are a stylish sort, you might also be interested in business cards that exhibit individual flair.
Now what are business cards? In my workplaces they have been a piece of cardboard with the company logo and our contact details. In my creative endeavours, I’ve enjoyed handmaking my own:

It takes a lot of caffeine to produce one BusiChic business card!

However handmaking your own cards is a time-consuming endeavour which is why I’m looking around to see what options are available. I was on The Design Files  (props to Lucy Feagins and Jenny M Butler on all of the super-inspiring guest bloggers that you secure!) when I came across the week’s guest bloggers, The Hungry Workshop. Jenna and Simon of The Hungry Workshop work the old school and very beautiful art of letterpress which means hand-mixed inks and ability to raise/indent fonts into beautiful paper. So one day Lara McPherson and I paid a visit to the Hungry Workshop:

Jenna and Simon of The Hungry Workshop in their letterpress-at-the-ready workwear!

Simon walks through the operation of the Willy-Wonka-esque Original Heidelberg letterpress

One of my favourites ~ promo cards made by The Hungry Workshop for a client!

Previous client work: letterpress business cards by The Hungry Workshop

Recently I’ve found myself talking to friends about business cards and we touched on the topic of whether they are becoming passe and are going to be replaced with QR codes. Personally, I find that good business cards can be exceptionally charming and scrap book my favourites: such is my affection for nice stationery! Also it has been really lovely to receive tweets and emails telling me that my business cards are stuck up on pinboards, stored snugly in wallets or in the pockets of coats and make recipients smile; which is something that I hope BusiChic does for you too 😉

So if you are in the business-card-band-camp, what details should be on your personal card? I’d suggest:

  • Business name & logo (if applicable)
  • Your name
  • Title
  • Mobile
  • Website << for those of us with a few, make this your main website

I’ve seen that some folks put their Twitter and Facebook URLs on their business cards too but I feel like that information is available through my own site anyway. What details do you think should be on your personal business card?

And are you happy with your business cards? It’d be ace to see some more BusiChic cards!

Many thanks to Simon and Jenna for the tour of  The Hungry Workshop!


  1. I love your cute business card – and the hungry workshop rabbit one! Too cute! It’s nice to see something different from the usual 🙂

    I don’t have business cards, but if I did I’d want something cute and unique like you have 🙂


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