Melbourne Tweed Ride ~ Little Rose

Greetings BusiChic!

I hope that yours was a great weekend too! I’m easing into this new week with my images from the Summer Melbourne Tweed Ride.

This gathering of folk bring style back into cycling simply by putting in the effort to not wear lycra.

Here are three key trends that BusiChics might like to incorporate into workwear, other than obviously fabulous tweed 😉
1. Wear a hat
In my opinion, wearing a nice hat provides a charming reminder to keep good posture and be on your game as you commute to work. Also in the cooler months, a snug hat provides warmth: bonus!

2. Accessorise
I’ve been so impressed with the accessorising efforts of all but particularly the MTR-menfolk: from suspenders to cravats to four-legged creatures, the efforts have not gone un-noticed!

3. Ride a bike to and from work!
Speaking from experience, while working back late can be very sad; there are few things more uplifting than cycling home on a lovely evening.

Do let me know if you incorporate any of these tips into your workwear, otherwsie I hope to see you at the next Melbourne Tweed Ride!


  1. Too bad we have mandatory helmet laws!!! Or more people would take up cycling in stylish hats 🙂

  2. I love those fancy hats. Lovely picture, I like the concept.

  3. Such stylish riding wear! I love the dress with the blue flowers on it!

  4. The Summer Melbourne Tweed Ride is wonderful. Thanks for sharing the picture with us. FABULOUS.

  5. OMG where did you find these gorgeous people? I wish more Sydneysiders would wear vintage daily. The hats and the blouses on these ladies are too cute!

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