Network: French School at Dagmar Rousset

The BusiChic Network series looks at opportunities to network.

Dagmar Rousset on Gertrude Street, Fitzroy ~ retail space by day, French classes by night!

Last month, after long days at work poring over reports and paperwork, I found myself sitting in a classroom that was thankfully unlike any other I’d been in before. Case in point, my view:

Artwork by Rowena Martinich

My fellow students were a varied and interesting bunch with day jobs across film, engineering, not-for-profit, medicine and finance.

Fellow students…

more of my fellow students!

So other than to meet an interesting lot of people, why study another language in your free time? Some were doing it in preparation for travel to French-speaking countries. I do it because I’m interested in language, particularly how different languages use different phrases.

“In French, we do not ‘like’ inanimate objects like you do in English. So a shop assistant will not ask “do you like these shoes?” but “do these shoes please you?'”

~ and so Jacqueline explained to my Level 4 French class at Dagmar Rousset.

As a fashion blogger, it’s quite tempting to share an image and say “I LOVE HIS SHOE LACES.” Now reflecting upon the fact that shoe laces are inanimate objects that will not love me back, I’d rephrase to highlight what characteristics of the shoes please me, “The fact that this BusiChic gent is wearing two different coloured shoe laces caught my eye.”

Our teacher, the very fabulous Jacqueline, was the perfect amount of animation and humour required to keep these 1.5 hour sessions dynamic.

animated gif maker

French School at Dagmar Rousset

That’s my French class! An unusual way to network perhaps but one that I’ve found obviously found invaluable.

Interested in attending the Dagmar Rousset French School << click there to reach the school!

Do you learn a language too? Any phrases that you’ve found interesting which you can share?

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  1. You make learning French seem so fun! It’s been years since I studied it so I have very little knowledge at all – always think it would be nice to pick it up again and download a few podcasts now and then, but soon stop listening to them.

    How did you find this class? I wonder if we have anything similar in QLD.

    • Hi Mica, thanks for your comment, lovely! I first came across DR when they had a captivating window display done by Rowena Martinich and noticed that they held French classes after hours. They were going to close down and I was pretty shattered that I hadn’t taken French in their space so as soon as I heard they were staying open; I signed up! The rest is history although I was too late signing up for the next lot of classes before they booked out!

  2. Nice Cheryl. Been thinking of picking up a second language for reasons not too dissimilar to what you highlighted :).

    Plus there’s always something I really respected about seeing people able to engage with others in their own language. Really opens things up differently.

    Now… Swedish… Russian… Spanish… or finish the aboriginal started in high school?

    • Thanks for your comment, Oli! Gee whiz, you certainly are interested in some varied languages, how are you going to decide?? You could choose based on practicality of where you want to go etc, however I think it’d be interesting to see what you can learn about our indigenous people through learning their tongue. Good luck and keep us posted!

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