Walk the park

So dear BusiChic, it’s Monday.

Let’s start the week fresh with a walk in the park with BusiChic Tom.

Feeling foggy? Well let’s take a closer look at the detail Tom’s used to create a polished corporate ensemble:

et voila!


So BusiChic, I wish you all a Monday that’s as simple and stylish a walk in the park as Tom’s 😉


  1. Heidi19 says

    Always remember wear clothes which are appropriate for the occasion. Thanks for sharing this to us!

  2. Charlenevans09 says

    This is a perfect attire for business! Very corporate look! Most important if you are in your business suit, always check your shoes. It should be polished and clean.. just like in this photos.

  3. you look really perfect and a great combination of clothes too it looks like my working clothes so that gives you good taste haha 😀

  4. Love the skinny tie! 🙂


  5. Hi Busichic, perfect dressing for a formal getup. it is interesting to see this getup with the park as background.

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