Week 14: LBD with Man-style blazer

It’s Week 14 of the BusiChic Little Black Dress (LBD) Project where I’m wearing a LBD to work once a week for the whole year to share 52 different ways of styling this staple for the office. This week, I’m adding formality with a blazer.

Week 14: A blazer adds formality to a LBD, I've opted for a man-style cut for something different.

Button up the blazer for formal meetings.

While I'm sure the look would work just as well with a collared blazer, the clean-lines provided by the pleated detail on this blazer appealed to me as I like to avoid full-on collars for my own comfort!

This week I’ve paired my Bento LBD with Veronique Branquinho blazer from a selection at Paris99, Ginger & Smart belt and Filippo Raphael open-toe heels.

When I first spied the blazer, I instinctively thought that it was too long for my short body frame. However upon trying it on I found that I really liked the long-line silhouette that it creates; something that’s new for me as I’d normally opt for a cropped-blazer. Goes to show, always take something unexpected into the changeroom to play with your style a bit!

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What do you think of my styling of the LBD this week?

We’re over a quarter of the way through the year; click here to see how I’ve styled my LBD for work so far!


  1. I really like the long line blazer on you too! I tired a khaki long line once but I’m so short it just didn’t look right. Maybe I shouldn’t dismiss them all so easily, as yours looks fab with your dress 🙂 Really like the belt you paired with it too!


  2. The slightly boxy look of the blazer draped over your shoulders + that belt = futuristic Cheryl! Very smart

    • Thanks for your comment mmots! Now that you’ve mentioned it, there is a futuristic shape there, thanks for pointing that out 🙂

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