A tailor-made suit in Sydney

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I hope that you had a great weekend!

From the low temperatures and heavy downpours we had down here in Melbourne, I think it’s safe to say that the cold has set in! Normally, I’d like to match the style I feature here to the weather, however I am having to find a way to photograph your style in the rain! As such this week I will be sharing the business chic style I spotted whilst I was in Sydney just over a week ago.

We’ll start with a suit that caught my eye for the slim-cut of the suit in an unusual grey colour.

Anthony wears a suit that he had tailor-made in Hoi An and shoes and belt are from aldo.
Anthony is new to Sydney and has been going to Starbucks for coffee and recommends aria for a work lunch.

Whilst talking to Anthony I also noticed the fine piping around the lapels of his suit; an interesting detail I haven’t seen much before on business suits. Anthony mentioned that he came across the style whilst walking around and looking for a tailor in Hoi An. I’ve been thinking about getting a suit made myself and it’s details like these that remind me I should start learning more about tailoring.

Have you had a suit tailor-made? How did you go about finding your tailor?

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  1. Lovely suit! I like the grey suit with the red tie 🙂

    Cooler weather here too, but no rain luckily.


  2. I love seeing Sydney busichic photos! I know exactly where you took those 🙂

    (I’ve always thought getting a tailored suit would be good value for money and would make me look AMAZING. but I don’t have the budget!)

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