Business women in blue

Hey BusiChic,

Have you ever rocked up to work wearing the same thing as a colleague?

My old workplace was just up the road from a Herringbone shop and y0ou could always tell when they had just had a sale because all of us would show up to work in the same shirts!

Today’s BusiChics are more matched far more serendipitously in co-ordinating shades of blue.

Business women in blue.

Based on this being the second pair of bow-backed shoes I photographed in Sydney on the same day (see this post for the first), I must ask: have shoes with bow or ribbon detail been a big trend for Sydney-siders? Also where did you get these/yours from?

I’ve classified these outfits as Contemporary Business Wear, what do you think?


  1. Love the coordinating blues! It’s always so funny to come into the office some days when people have accidentally worn the same colour, it becomes a running joke. Happens sometimes 🙂

    really like those bow shoes – you’re making me crazy a pair of pretty bow shoes! I do have a pair but they are peep toes, getting too cold for that!

  2. Love those ribbon backed shoes!!! Wish I liked wearing heels!

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