Event alert: Style Bubble one week; Fashionopolis the next

Greetings BusiChic,

The Network series where I talk about the networking events that I attend for my work has been popular so a post today about some upcoming events.

This blogpost was almost titled “I want to be a fashion blogger” however something tells me that it wouldn’t be very good for SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This term is one of the many that are good to know if you are a blogger or creating digital content that people can find.

Portable Talks: Susie Lau of Style Bubble

I bet that Susie Lau of Style Bubble knows a thing or two about SEO. She is afterall one of the world’s leading personal style bloggers who also has enough clever that she has parlayed this into a full-time venture that sees her travelling the world fashion-show-after-fashion-show sharing the work of emerging and established designers alike. I once gave a PechaKucha talk about why I started BusinessChic and often cite Style Bubble as one such influence. I remember working back late one night and in a break, coming across Susie’s blog. Her unique style which she presented via quirky collages piqued my interest in making workwear more interesting and well, interesting workwear more accessible. Creative hub Portable have brought Susie out to Australia for a series of talks; she spoke last week in Brisbane and will give talks on her experience and thoughts on the future of fashion blogging this week in Sydney and Melbourne – yes I’ll be there with creative workwear on! Get your bubble on here and use the code BUSINESSCHIC for 20% off

Fashionopolis on May 12

Phoebe Montague aka Lady Melbourne, one of the forces behind Fashionopolis

Another blogger-related event that I will be attending is Fashionopolis – the first conference for Australian fashion bloggers. Phoebe Montague aka Lady Melbourne is one of the most influential bloggers and coming from the corporate world I recall being really touched at how inclusive she was when we first met at a fashion event. As such it is no surprise to me that Phoebe has worked with Nuffnang to create this conference that will both enhance knowledge but also further relationships in the Australian fashion blogging community. Lady is clever. There is an impressive role call of speakers from influential bloggers but also journalist/Frockwriter Patty Huntington and PR Kyra Pybus – making this a multi-faceted event with a lot to learn from. And yes, I’ll be on hand to snap all of the impressive outfits! See you there – you can buy Fashionopolis tickets here.

Will you be attending the Susie Bubble for Portable talk and/or Fashionopolis?


  1. I didn’t make it to the Susie Bubble talk here in Brisbane, and I’m even more sad I won’t be in Melbourne for Fashionopolis, especially if you are going! Would have loved to have gone to both events, but looking forward to your coverage of them!

  2. I’m heading along to the Portable/Style Bubble talk in Sydney this Thursday and am already mentally perusing my wardrobe for an appropriate outfit. Most excited.

    Fashionopolis sounds amazing, but I’d just bought tickets to Blogopolis when I heard about it and budget only stretches to attending one. Fingers crossed it plays out brilliantly and is staged again soon! Looking forward to living vicariously through your coverage for this year at least.

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