Photographer chic at MBFWA

Dearest BusiChic,

While attending fashion shows might sound glamorous, the truth is that folks like me are in the less glam position of sitting in the media riser. Wait that sounds too kushy – usually the photographers are sandwiched together, some even kneeling throughout whole shows in order to get the best shots of models coming down the runway. I personally love sitting with the photographers because the guys are tough and I learn a lot. That said, sartorially one dresses more for comfort than those in the front-row might!

As such I was taken with today’s BusiChic who is elegant in her man-style outfit that would work in the office- bar a change from designer sandals to closed-toe shoes.


 How mad are her sunglasses?

Come to think of it, sunglasses are one of those wonderful accessories that add personality to a simple ensemble and can be quite transeasonal as the daylight can still be quite glary in the colder months.

What do you think of Jacqui’s photographer style?


  1. I should have had closed-toe shoes on to hide those dinosaurs!

    Thanks for the nice words. You can see my backstage photos at

    The glasses are Karen Walker.

    • Hi Jacqui, thanks for allowing me to photograph you and more importantly for stopping by – wonderful to hear where your great sunglasses are from!

      And love your work – thanks for sharing the link – gorgeous stuff. x

  2. Hey Cheryl- great name 😉
    I just found your blog today through and love it! I have my own style blog of my outfits but have recently started taking pics of people on the street in Dublin and feel inspired by you to do more even if I get a few “no’s” to my requests to photgraph them!

  3. Love her style! Looks perfect for a day of taking photos, and as you said looks fab for office wear too! 🙂

  4. Those sunnies are totally awesome. I need mine prescriptioned which is an annoying limitation

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