The perfect denier

Today’s BusiChic is the quintessence of Contemporary Business Wear. Professional in a blazer but with enough timeless style to move on to drinks and dinner afterwork and it also got me thinking about the perfect denier for stockings.


Denier is the term given to the density of fibres in a fabric like stockings. Now that the weather is cooling down in the Southern Hemisphere, I’ve seen women pulling out their stockings and noticed the variety of deniers. Personally I opt for higher deniers like Shama demonstrates above as I think it makes for a more flattering look than a sheerer ‘hose. What do you think?


  1. It all really depends on what kind of look I am trying to achieve and whatever goes well with my outfits. I love to experiment and thanks to my petite frame and fair complexion I can pretty much pull off anything. I most of the time like my tights in solid colors and sometimes I also wear patterned stockings. All my leggings and stockings look good with my doc martens combat boots.

  2. Love this look, perfect for the office and after! πŸ™‚

    I have a pair of tights, I think from wicked, that are 200 denier. They are magic in winter, so useful! I notice as soon as the weather cools down I go for the opaque tights, sheer black ones start to look a little odd after a winter of opaques!

  3. It all depends on what I want from my stockings! If I don’t want something very noticable, I’ll go with a lighter pair of stockings – as pale as I can get, to match my natural colour. If I want to make a statement or keep a little warmer, it will be lovely opaque stockings in black or other solid colours. Then there are patterned tights, woollen tights… it keeps going and it’s all good!

  4. Wellll I’m a vintage nylons purist! It’s the one thing in my wardrobe I won’t make compromises on – its got to have seams, and proper fully fashioned ones, or it’s nothing πŸ™‚
    Vintage stockings tend to come in either 15 or 30 denier which is fairly sheer. I find the ubiquitous black tights everyone wears only match nicely with black shoes and I don’t wear THAT much black as it can really weigh down a look. Only my opinion of course – i think Sham looks great πŸ™‚

    • Hi Esz,

      What a great comment – thank you!

      1. I would like to know more about vintage nylons!
      2. Yes I should have clarified that this post relates to opaque stockings. Essentially I’ve come across women wearing opaques that aren’t that well – opaque (!) and I’ve personally thought that their look would work better if they were wearing opaques. However, where the look calls for sheer pantyhose, then that’s an altogether other thing. Unless said woman is wearing knee high boots in which case, I’d totally advocate for high-denier opaque stockings! Apologies for the confusing reply but thanks for getting it out of me more πŸ˜‰

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