Three piece suit

Greetings BusiChic!

If you are reading this post in the search for sartorial inspiration for you everyday, you might also share my appreciation for a good suit. Such is the case with Mitchell, whom I photographed at the end of a very long day at Australian Fashion Week.

Mitchell works a polished three-piece-suit

What caught my eye was Mitchell’s commitment to this polished look without the look wearing him. He owns that tartan, his glasses and that paper flower pinned to the lapel of his suit. It is so sharp. My only regret is that I didn’t have the guts to ask Mitchell to allow me to photograph him earlier when there was natural light available!

What do you think of Mitchell’s suit?


  1. Agree! He pulls it off very well, a unique, fun and contemporary way to wear a suit. Have you come across many women who wear the suit well?

  2. Love how put-together he looks, very polished indeed! I really love the cute flower pinned to his suit too, it’s a really nice touch 🙂

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