Accessorising with fingerless gloves (gents)

It’s Winter here in Melbourne and goodness are the mornings chilly!

I see folks on their way to work, warming their hands on takeaway coffees or tucked into gloves. Today’s Contemporary Business Wear gent caught my eye with his unusual finger-less gloves; not something one commonly sees on a gent. It is undoubtedly a more casual style, however I like the interest that the patterns add to Oliver’s workwear.

The key to incorporating more casual items such as woolen fingerless gloves into your professional wear is to make sure that every other element is polished. In Oliver’s case, it’s his work appropriate grooming, suiting and shoes.

Shirt and tie are Van Heusen, and the suit is Gibson. All from Myer. The watch is Philippe Starck and was bought on eBay after seeing it in Fossil. The gloves are from H&M, think I got them in France. The shoes are Windsor Smith.

What do you think of Oliver’s work ensemble? How do you keep you keep your hands warm on the commute to work in Winter?


  1. I have to say I love the fresh new look of your website! I just have one slight problem – when the images cycle through at the top, the text on the page moves up and down as the images at the top change size. So when I’m reading or when I type my comment, the box keeps jumping up out of view! It really does look lovely, though.

    • Hi Katie,

      Thank you SO MUCH for your comment – YES it’s been annoying me greatly too! Please know however that I’m doing everything that I can to research the bug and fix it – fingers-crossed over this weekend – wish me luck!

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