Status update: The Block

Dearest BusiChic,

How are you? It’s been a while since I last posted; such a while that to be really honest I’ve started to find the thought of blogging again a little bit frightening. I know that the blog is far from perfect in any way, shape or form. However I think that it might be interesting to take a leaf out of TV show, The Block and simply start working in amongst the blog-reno so that you can have a look at how things are progressing and I can deal with my blogger’s block. So this is a post to get the juices flowing by sharing what I’ve been up to whilst laying down the concrete block. Essentially while I have been away from BusinessChic, I have continued with the LBD Project I set myself for this year whilst sticking my fingers into many more new pies.


Chats with Friends + All of the Numbers

Me with Kealey Nutt who is as cheeky as she is hardworking!

My friend Kealey Nutt of eleven and twelve (production company behind Thelma magazine) commenced filming Chats with Friends and started off with me:

Chats with Friends // Cheryl Lin from Eleven & Twelve on Vimeo.

Kealey is also working on launch All of the Numbers (AOTN) an online radio station that will feature segments by those interested in the fabrics that drape our city of Melbourne and make her sassier than all of the others. I am one such interested party and can’t wait to share with you my segment featuring interviews with Secret Lifers. More on that in due course 😉


Melbourne Tweed Ride

Some of my happy snaps from The Sweet Cycle in Rutherglen for Melbourne Tweed Ride

After filming with Kealey, I went away on the first Melbourne Tweed Ride weekend away. This little movement that aims to bring style back to cycling by getting dressed up in our finest tweeds was also an outrageously divine country dining adventure. The setting was Rutherglen whose autumnal landscape of fiery reds and golds contrasted deliciously with clear blue skies. This vibrant kaleidoscope was also the new filter I needed on the world at that time. I love street photography however I’d realised that I was getting fatigued with photographing in the city and this country get away was precisely the reinvigoration I needed. With nothing but the sunshine warming our tweed-clad backs, riders cycled through picturesque Rutherglen from winery to winery, the smells of the Uncle Toby’s cornflake factory whetting our appetites along the way. We discovered one delicious food and wine experience after another, at every stop. It was lovely to share the experience with those who follow me on instagram and culminated with Treadlie magazine publishing some of my snaps in their latest issue – currently on sale, people! Many thanks to Melbourne Tweed Ride organiser Lara McPherson (photographed above) for roping me into this trip. For more details I highly recommend registering for the Melbourne Tweed Ride newsletter here.


The Bonnet Collective

Photographing the Miss Humanity Australia 2012 Pageant for the bonnet collective

My friend Meagan Harding who is an all-round inspiration to me in terms of style, photography and generally being an all-round awesome human being founded The Bonnet Collective (TBC). We’re a group of women photographers who enjoy working on our own but are having even more fun teaching and learning from each other over good food, wine and events. Our first gig was to photograph the inaugural Miss Humanity Australia Pageant a wonderful experience that saw us photographing entrants who were judged on both outer and inner beauty as demonstrated through their humanitarian work. Our congratulations to Cleo Howman, the very first Miss Humanity Australia!


But wait there’s more

I’ve also been busy giving away $1000 each month through the Awesome Melbourne Foundation; attended the very first Dumbo Feather Conversation ~ a live interview between Dumbo Feather publisher Berry Liberman with Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson; had the pleasure of being photographed myself by the super talented Oli Sansom; been to VCAT about a building permit; bought a Bromley through The Jacky Winter x Melbourne’s GPO True Self exhibition raising funds for Fitted for Work; trialled the new Nova Cinema high tea experience which was a delicious way to spend an afternoon at the movies and found myself a handsomely-bearded boyfriend (that’s him in the bubble!). Phew!


BusinessChic ~ the inspiration

So what does this all mean for BusinessChic? Well I’d really really like to have had more time to finalise this blog facelift and work on Pinterest as well as the BusiChic editorial strategy… but I also realise that I do have a full-time job and I need to sleep. That and blogging is kind of like trying to get dressed for work in the morning – it’s important to have the ideas – the wardrobe staples, if you will – the next and arguably, most important thing, is to bloody get dressed and get on with the job! So I’m looking forward to sharing more of my streetstyle photos of what stylish BusiChics are wearing to work to help make this process easier for the rest of us. I’ll also be expanding into features and interviews with some of my favourite people, retailers and restaurateurs to share more thoughts on how to enhance style and enjoyment in all things work-related. It’s all because I’d really like BusinessChic to be a super useful resource for busy, stylish folks like yourself. This will be an ongoing evolutionary continuous improvement sort of process, so if you have any requests or feedback to loop in, please drop me a line via the comments below; I’m listening.

Otherwise, please stay tuned to the blog each day this week as I ease into things by catching up on all of the outfits from my LBD Project challenge from week 21-26 – HEY, can you believe that we’re halfway through the year already!?


Sneak peek of an upcoming LBD Project post featuring Rayncape !


  1. Oh such a shock seeing the new blog design! 🙂 I like it, and you’ve been up to so much while you’ve been away!

    Looking forward to reading lots more updates from you as you take us through your blog-building process, and of course the return of the LBD challenge 🙂

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