Tie in the love for tennis

Sport. After spending the day at one’s desk with minimal movement, there are few things I appreciate more than escaping by watching Wimbledon (commiserations, Murray!) or following the Tour de France. Maybe it’s the fabulous views of their workspaces but I feel like there’s something completely awesome and life-affirming about spectating sports people at work. I often find myself wondering why the tension of my deadlines is nowhere near as exciting as seeing who’ll choke when faced with the tension of matchpoint, or similarly, more admirable than seeing who will pick themselves up and carry on after the trauma of a stack.

Which is why I admired how today’s Corporate BusiChic has incorporated his love for sport – here, tennis – by accessorising his workwear with a sport-themed print that makes for a rather stylish tie.

While the tie on its own would’ve been accessory enough, how good are the multi-coloured square and purple-laces too!?

Louis wears suit from Saba; shirt by Patrick Johnson Tailors (bespoke) and Paul Smith shoes.

Tie: Polo Ralph Lauren
Clip: Tiffany’s
Pocket Square: Drake’s

What do you think of Louis’ take on sporty BusiChic?

It got me thinking about do’s and don’ts for incorporating sport-themed clothing into a professional workplace; here are some of my thoughts:

  1. Do look for tasteful prints. Some examples of sporty-chic print purveyors I’ve come across are Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith and I’d also recommend my friend Hannmaid who makes high-shine cufflinks.
  2. If you are in a more relaxed environment and allowed to wear tshirts to work, please make sure that the print/graphic/embroidery is in good condition. I personally think that the cracking paint/sad-faded-ill-fitting-tee is not a good look, let alone appropriate for work :S
  3. If you really must, accessorise your workwear with a sporty lanyard like the one your members/access-all-areas pass came on. Note that it’ll become a conversation starting accessory as colleagues and clients can see the sport that you are passionate about and respond accordingly.

Outside of business hours: Going to a game after work? While it is super chilly, do limit your accessorising to wearing your team scarf over your workwear. Make sure the scarf is in good condition to keep your look sharp and please try to withstand wearing the matching beanie or cap!

What do you think of my tips for wearing the love of a sport on your sleeve? 😉



  1. Wow this is actually really creative because of how subtle it is. Probs the best take I’ve seen on the ‘sporty luxe’ trend simply for the fact that he did it all in a suit!

    ps – perfect tie-up with the Wimbledon! 🙂

  2. I like the tie – nice touch of personality while keeping it professional 🙂

    I’m lucky I don’t follow sports so I don’t have to work that into my outfits for work 🙂 I do try wear maroon on origin game days though – Queenslander! 😉


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