Week 21: Cardigan, pins and a LBD

In Week 21 of the BusiChic Little Black Dress (LBD) Project, I layer up my LBD for winter with a cardigan and pearls that have been embellished with a brooch or “pin” for the Fox In Flats Pin it Dare.

I spend a fair bit of time blogging but I’ll be honest and tell you that I don’t spend a lot of time looking at other blogs. However those that I do look at need to be practical and clever and give me ideas on how to do things better myself. Which is where Fox in Flats comes in to play. The creator of Fox in Flats, Andrea, is this stylish mama who uses her background in marketing to create an engaging platform for stylish Mums. I’m not a mum myself but I love what she does. One of the ways that she engages others is by creating style dares; a dare to try out an accessory or style for a whole week. It’s been some time since however I took part in her Pin it dare – a dare to wear brooches for a whole week.

Pop a brooch on to a simple necklace to create a unique accessory

I dared to pin up – adding brooches to my workwear for the Fox in Flats Pin Up dare!

Week 21: Brighten up and warm up a LBD with a cardigan embellished with a brooch or “pin”

In this edition of the LBD project, I’ve brightened up my LBD with a cardigan from Country Road and accessorised with my pin-embellished strand of pearls. Classic and potentially naff but I feel like the brooch adds an element of less-naff interest…what do you think?

I’ve accumulated a range of different ways of styling a Little Black Dress for work? If you want to see how varied I’ve been, click here!


  1. More Info says

    Excellent. Absolutely love it.

  2. I like the bright red cardi with the dress 🙂 The brooch looks really nice too, I like the different ways you’ve incorporated one into your outfits 🙂


  3. Cheryl,
    You totally nailed this style dare!
    Thanks for the gorgeous words about Fox in Flats, so awesome.

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