Week 26: LBD and balloon necklaces

Week 26 – the halfway point of the Little Black Dress (LBD) project happened a few weeks ago now when the blog wasn’t up. Here’s a look at how I used balloon accessories by Hamish Munro to add some quirk to my LBD for a day in the office.

“Hamish Munro is an artist who makes transformations happen.”

and so begins the introduction to Binding Faraday, artist Hamish Munro’s exhibition at Pieces of Eight gallery.

Pieces of Eight is a gallery housed in a fabulously-designed space that is nestled in a Melbourne laneway. I highly recommend a gander in your lunchbreak if you’re the sort who appreciates cleverly-crafted objects that sparkle and wow.

I myself enjoy swinging by to enjoy the bright window displays, like this one I instagrammed a few months ago:


Pieces of Eight gallery window by night.

I popped in one day to check out the store and was taken with Munro’s work. He uses balloons in an unexpected way, wrapping rather than inflating them; creating brightly hued accessories.

Celebrating the halfway point of the LBD project with brightly hued accessories; fimo beads by Emily Green and Hamish Munro’s balloon-bound necklaces.


I’ve paired my Bento LBD with long sleeve wool top from Indigo, fimo necklace by Emily Green and balloon-wrapped necklaces by Hamish Munro. Brogues are from ziera and Longchamp carry-all.

What do you think of this week’s styling of a LBD for work? I work in a Contemporary Business Wear environment and got away with this ensemble at the more casual end of the week, although I did don a blazer over the top to downplay some of the playfulness:

Munro’s exhibition is closing this weekend; in fact, I fear it may even have closed yesterday… If you are in Melbourne’s CBD do stop by Pieces of Eight to see if you can still have a look at Munro’s work and let me know! Rest assured that the trip will still be worth your while to see the work of the numerous other artists that the gallery represents. And in case you’re wondering, the title of Munro’s exhibition is a tribute to the inventor; Michael Faraday who invented the rubber balloon in 1824.

Pieces of Eight is at 28 Russell Place, Melbourne

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  1. Colourful and cool necklace..

  2. Wow! a balloon necklace!! It can only come from out of the box talent !!

  3. Love the splash of bright colours against the black!

  4. I love your bright accessories with the LBD! It looks so nice and cheerful! 🙂


  5. oh that necklace is divine! and it’s fimo! the fimo jewellery i made as a kid was never as pretty as that one is 🙂

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