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What a week it’s been here on BusinessChic where I’ve been sharing the after-work style I spotted at Melbourne Museum’s SmartBar event.

The theme for this adults-only event was Brain, Mind, Eyes, Drinks and DJ. One of the exhibitions/activities I enjoyed was entering “The Labrinth” ~ an exploration of The Brain: the boundaries of sanity and beyond… delving into dreaming…

A dream booth in The Labrinth: one of the activities part of the Melbourne Museum Brain, Mind, Eyes, Drinks & DJ event!

When I am out scouting for business chic style to photograph, one of the things that I forget is that creative types work too. Their “work uniform” is often more difficult to distinguish when compared with your average “suit” as creative workspaces tend to allow employees to dress as themselves/as they do on the weekend. Which is why today’s BusiChic who I understand works as a costume dresser is a tribute to all you creative folk who get to dress as you wish!

Creative types can dress as themselves at work.


I love the spots that look like oversized confetti but have somehow been fused to the fabric of this skirt. A trans-seasonal piece that looks cute with the colourful knitted scarf!

Do you work in a workplace where open-toe shoes and stockings are appropriate? I think it’s a cute look in creative spaces but have too often seen the look done inappropriately in more formal settings i.e. in an office where wearer has paired with a suit or pants and a cardigan 🙁

What do you think of today’s creative work style?


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