Do I have to wear a tie to work?

Greetings BusiChic,

Today’s workwear streetstyle look reminded me of a question that I’m often asked by my styling clients that goes something like this: “I work in Finance/Real Estate/ Accounting but we’re pretty relaxed and lots of the bosses don’t wear ties – do I have to?”

Marcus sports a standard but timeless take on Contemporary Business Wear in a suit and crisp shirt without the tie.

In my opinion, bl0kes have things relatively easy when it comes to workplaces that have a Contemporary Business Wear dresscode. This generally means a more relaxed version of the Corporate dresscode where they don’t have to wear a tie. I like how Marcus opts for a white shirt rather than one in an overwashed/faded colour which is something all shirt wearers  need to be mindful of!

From what I’ve seen, lots of workplaces that are in finance, real estate, accounting or government have this dresscode. I suggest erring on the safe side and suggest that BusiChics wanting a minimalist approach to their workwear do the following: stick to the classic crisp white shirt, keep a tie in your desk top drawer and make some effort with your hair.  The end result means that you should have all bases covered for a day in the office where you will be ready if an important meeting comes up where a little more formality is required.

And if you’re always in Contemporary Business Wear – aka the sans-tie mode- please don’t get too relaxed. Short comings in this department are creased, crumpled and illfitting suits and shirts, mismatched ties, scuffed unpolished shoes and dated sunglasses. Oh and blokes, please do not have your shirt unbuttoned such that we can see you’re wearing a necklace of some sort. blerghhh. Am I being too harsh?

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