The SmartBar Music Man

One of the key factors that differentiates the Melbourne Museum SmartBar event from the regular museum visit is the presence of a DJ. Responsible for the music on the night was one Andy McClelland, who set the tone with a range of tracks that kept the vibe moving. I’ve photographed Andy previously for my other streetstyle work like Melbourne Tweed Ride (see if you can spot him in the series there!) and have always been quite charmed by his retro polished style and grooming. Whether it’s the threads or grooming, I think there’s such inspiration for BusiChic gents in all work dresscodes from Corporate to Business Casual:

The man responsible for the tunes at SmartBar ~ the always dapper Andy McClelland


Great hair do and how’s that smart flash of pocket square!? Andy would not be out of place on the set of that super stylish show, Mad Men.

Oooh an alternative to the black work shoe – a classic shape loafer in a deep red wine hue. Nice.

Andy McClelland wears vintage and shows oodles of charming personality; another trait that’s always lovely to see in the workplace. Do you agree?

The after-work style I spotted at Melbourne Museum’s SmartBar is accumulating nicely, check out this link to see what I mean.


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