Stylish backpacks for the professional woman

For all of the celebrity streetstyle images of actresses and singers carrying huge over-sized bags, I bet you that there are lots of women in the real world who are bearing the physical brunt of actually trying to tote around the over-sized bag style. My housemate recently found that it was her heavy bag that was causing her lower back pain – not good!

We’d talked about how unattractive her new backpack solution was and how tricky it is to find a bag to carry around one’s life in without damaging our postures and backs. This is why I was so particularly excited when I came across today’s BusiChic who sports not one but TWO backpacks that make for a stylish and creatively-pleasing combo!
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Backpacks from Catherine Manuell (black) and Lazy Oaf  (multi-coloured)


Creative Lou Pardi rocking some polished work style

Lou Pardi is a creative who wears blazer, cabled knit and skirt from Bento and John Fluevog boots.

What do you think of today’s BusiChic backpack style? I’d say that the Catherine Manuell one is more appropriate for conservative workplaces but like how the Lazy Oaf one adds a fun and creative element such that wearing TWO BACKPACKS looks cute! I can’t believe I’ve this much love for backpack style but I really love how she does it. What do you think?

Remember that to achieve optimal support when wearing backpacks, one should have the bulk of the bag sitting higher up one’s back with the straps fitting snuggly to the body. I believe that Lou packs heavier items into the Catherine Manuell bag which is strapped more closely to her; with lighter items in the Lazy Oaf that she does swing over one shoulder. Do you wear a backpack to work? Why or why not?

On a side note, Lou is taking part in the Do it in a Dress fundraiser that I spruiked last year << sponsor Lou’s efforts to raise funds to educate girls in Sierra Leone!

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  1. Oh two backpacks is really different, but she wears them beautifully 🙂 I like the brighter one!

    I am lucky I don’t have to carry much to work so a handbag fits all my needs perfectly.

  2. Yes, I wear backpack to work! I find it uncomfortable to carry a large and heavy shoulder bag. It gives me a sore shoulder and I don’t think it’s worth it. That being said, it definitely doesn’t look as chic wearing a backpack rather than a suitable shoulder bag. But you know what, meh, I choose comfort and no shoulder pain.

    I’m with Lou on this one!!!

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