The taxidermy room at Melbourne Museum

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How do you feel about taxidermy?

In case you didn’t know, taxidermy is the art of preserving, staffing and presenting (I believe the technical term is “mounting”) dead animals. Put simply, it’s like mummification but without the bandages and the final work is mounted on a wall rather than popped into an ornate box. Taxidermy fascinates me. I have as much appreciation for the beauty of the animal as preserved by a capable taxidermist  as I am alarmed that I’m looking at something that is dead. That state of grotesque fascination gets me thinking about life, real hard.

Which is why I was gobsmacked by what I’m calling “the taxidermy room” at Melbourne Museum. Floor-to-ceiling of all creatures great and small, I think this exhibition might actually be titled Wild: Amazing Animals in a Changing World… 

Sharan and friend in the taxidermy room at Melbourne Museum


Masks make for fancy headwear! Lots of SmartBar attendees took up the opportunity to get creative and decorate mask; lots of kidplay fun!


The animal-inspired print of Sharan’s pencil skirt caught my eye: a classic-shaped item in a printed fabric is a great workwear staple.


I missed Sharan’s friend’s name but really liked these pants that are relaxed enough to be very comfortable to wear but with enough style in the way of the colour, fabric and detail like this side-tie and pleating to be appropriate to wear in a relaxed Contemporary Business Wear environment.

The thing that I found really strange about the taxidermy room is HOW CUTE some of the animals are! Seriously. I walked in and initially found it really odd that people were making such comments about DEAD animals but once you have a good look, they really are beautifully preserved and you can’t help but admire them! I ended up loitering in this room for a while and it was interesting to observe people go through the stages of shock, curious inspection and then respect and appreciation. Such a fascinating room to spend some time in after a long day at work; it felt like a privilege and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I haven’t heard back from Sharan and her friend as to details of their outfits but I really like them. I feel like they are appropriate enough for a Contemporary Business Wear environment but with an easy change into flats, are also chic and comfortable enough for play.

What do you think of Sharan and her friend’s work-to-play ensembles? How do you feel about taxidermy?

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  1. I love Sharan’s pencil skirt. The print gives the classic-shaped skirt a modern twist without compromising on its suitability for a conservative business environment.

  2. Love the masks, they add such a fun element to the pictures! 🙂

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