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Greetings BusiChic!

Today’s work style inspiration that I photographed at the adults-only after-work Melbourne Museum’s SmartBar event is a little bit different. Are you someone who likes to wear vintage clothing to work? Jessica who I featured on Monday wore “vintage Cue” and DJ Andy McClelland whom I featured yesterday was also in a smart vintage ensemble. At the risk of sounding like a clothing nuff-nuff, the term “vintage” should apply to older pieces – say from the 60s and earlier. The term “retro” usually applies to pieces from the mid ’60s to ’70s and from what I understand is not applied to pieces from the ’80s and beyond just yet. The latter are usually simply referred to as “secondhand”.

All said and done, I like to wear 1940s/1950s dresses to work. Personally I tend to go for one vintage piece and keep everything else relatively modern as I’m someone who likes to mix things up. However as a lover of vintage clothing, I was completely taken with today’s polished BusiChic who sports head-to-toe vintage which she has embellished with some modern accessories, take a look:

Emma sports a vintage frock, hat and gloves at Melbourne Museum’s SmartBar event. I think that behind her with have the bones of a whale but I might need to check that!


I like how Emma’s given her vintage gloves a modern edge with an enamel bangle. I actually have this same one from Disney Couture’s Tinkerbell range. The quote says “Thing of a wonderful thought” – the rest of the quote I’m told is “…so that you can fly!” A lovely sentiment to bring to work, I think 😉

How cute are these work shoes!? Classic style but in bright pops of colour, not sure what materials these are made of but super cute and an easy way to give your work ensemble a personal touch.

Emma wears Disney Couture bangle – similar items here, Tiffany necklace and ASOS shoes. All other items are original vintage pieces.

If you are someone who likes vintage and second-hand clothing, you might like to check out the next Take2Markets which is hosted by a friend I made through Twitter, Rina. From her tweets, I’ve seen that a number of retailers will be there, like Circa Vintage who specialise in – well, vintage – as well as Paris 99 who stock some pretty amazing designer secondhand. The market is usually women’s clothing only but it might be worth asking to see if Nicole from Circa Vintage is bringing in any blokes gear!

What do you think of Emma’s polished vintage style?

I really like her make up too that would look great whether with a business suit or a simple blouse-pencil-skirt-pumps look. Thanks for the idea, Emma!

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  1. Wow these pictures turned out so nicely! Thank you for the lovely write-up. I hope you don’t mind; I used one image in a post on my own blog to direct people to your site!

    I’m following your blog now on Facebook because I love Melbourne street style and you find some amazing people – your own outfits are just as fab, of course! I’m loving the series on hats. Thanks again, and maybe we’ll run into eachother at another event!

    • How lovely to hear from you, Miss Emmi and thanks again for allowing me to photograph you for BusiChic!
      Happy to hear that you like the photos and hope to cross paths again soon!

  2. Her outfit is so amazing it makes my heart aches!! BEAUTIFUL!


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