Week 27: Olympics inspiration for a LBD at work

Week 27 – and we’re off! Into the second part of the Little Black Dress (LBD) Project where I’ve challenged myself to wear one LBD to work once a week for the whole year. This week’s ensemble takes inspiration from 2012 Australian Olympics uniform!

Dearest BusiChic,

I have a confession to make: I have not been watching the Olympics. Don’t get me wrong, it is not for lack of interest. I’ve simply been really busy at work. Terrible excuse I know but I figure that (1) you’d understand it’s busy season and (2) I will do my best to make amends!

So as inspiration for this week’s work ensemble, I’ve looked to my national team and taken inspiration from the 2012 Olympics Uniform for Australia. Here are some images of our 2012 team so far as I have been tracking on the BusiChic Olympics 2012 Pinterest board:

The Australian team in their official formal ensembles for the 2012 Summer Olympics

No disrespect to others but my favourite photos of the Australian athletes in their uniforms have come from photographer Adam Head for The Courier-Mail

Cute: Australian athletes show their Olympic-edition Dunlop Volleys

I love how photographer Adam Head for The Courier-Mail captured the larrikin spirit of our athletes!

Nice touch Sportscraft!: Did you know that the lining in the blazers features the names of Australian Olympians past and present? You know, to symbolise that they’re part of the fabric of our country and all!

Flag-bearer Lauren Jackson leads Australia into the Opening Ceremony for the 2012 Olympics

Now a lot has been said about the uniforms worn by our athletes. I’ll be honest, my initial impression was that it lacked the wow-factor and panache that I feel could have been achieved with better tailoring to fit the honed physiques of our athletes. However I soon came around and now I like the cosy vintage-feel of our lawn-bowls-styled look (the men’s tie is particularly heaps cute) and think that it suits our country’s larrikin spirit!

That said, the footwear did take a bit more getting used to: pairing formal SUITS with sneakers!? Then I found out that they were Dunlop Volleys and I got all sentimental and tried to forgive how unflattering they looked at times when paired with the relatively frumpy pencil skirt that I feel was in the wrong fabric – picky much?!

I digress because this post is about style inspiration busy professionals can take from the Australian Olympics formal uniform. So while I have shared my thoughts on wearing sneakers to work in the past, I realise that I have not featured a woman wearing sneakers to work just yet…  here’s me giving the look a go!:

Having an Olympics-themed work-do? In week 27 of the LBD Project, I get inspired by the green & gold of the Australian Olympics uniform and wear Dunlop Volleys for the commute to work.

Yes, the secret is to hide behind a really cute puppy; meet my friend Zeeee – as in “here is zeeee dog!”

Please note that I’m not wearing sports socks over my opaque tights. I think that’s a really strange look and far too sweat-inducing for my liking!

I’ve dressed up my Bento LBD with a cardigan from AGAIN Recycle, hair accessory and belt from Sportsgirl, Longchamp bag and the Olympic-edition Dunlop Volleys that are available to all Australians for purchase; I got mine at Big W – a shame they don’t sell online for me to link for you – maybe because they’re on sale already!

Going for gold with medal-inspired accessories I bought at Sportsgirl

Puppy Zeeee getting in on the green and gold!

Puppy Zeeee is also in the green and gold!

In the theme: Olympic-edition Dunlop Volleys and dog-hoodie

What do you think of my ensemble this week?

I feel like I should mention that I usually try to source items by Australian designers to feature here in my LBD Project series because I like to support Aussie business. So I was a little surprised to find out that the Australian Olympics uniforms were made in China. The reason why this bothers me is because I believe that it’d be nice if Aussie kids could grow up with the choice and opportunity to pursue their passions to work in fashion or sport.  Not everyone wants to be an accountant…


That and I think it’d be really great if the Australian Olympic effort was one where as many Australians as possible could contribute. Imagine – our athletes athletes and their support team over in Great Britain representing us…if only there were a bunch of Australian pattern-cutters, tailors and button-makers who could feel pride for being part of the effort having exercised their expertise to craft the gear on the backs of their fellow countrymen for the world stage. I reckon that’d be pretty swell…


Will you be taking style inspiration from the Olympics? Which countries had your favourite uniform? Do you think that there is a relationship between the swishness of a country’s Olympic uniform and their medal tally? I’d love your thoughts.


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  1. Forget the Olympics! We want more Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 😉

    P.S. Uniforms made in China? Ridiculous.

  2. Aww Zee is so CUTE! 🙂 I like your gold hair band and belt with the dress, and I bet the volleys were very comfy for the commute to work!

    Like you I wish the uniforms were made in Australia.


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