Week 29: LBD and the all-sorts hat

This week I’ve been looking at the hats one might wish to top their LBD with for a cosier commute to work. Each day I’ve shared inspiration as worked by some of my favourite hatted-ladies. Today I share with you the hat that I feel incorporates a few of my favourite elements from the various styles I’ve looked at for the final in this LBD Project look at hats!I’ve tried on four different styles of hats this week in order to replicate the style of influencers as follows:

  1. Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton;
  2. 90s tv show star, “Blossom” as played by Mayim Bialik;
  3. Fashion designer and entrepreneur, Coco Chanel and
  4. Noughties tv show star, “Carrie Bradshaw” as played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Did you have a favourite style? For the final installment of this hatted series within the LBD Project, I’ve decided to go for a hat that incorporated my favourite elements of the above styles to find “my style.” I liked the cloche style a la #4 Carrie Bradshaw but also enjoyed the playful floral element as per #1 Kate Middleton and #2 Blossom. So it is without further ado that I share my favourite hat that I think is perfect for the chilly weather that doesn’t appear to want to let up!

Closing off week 29 of LBD Project’s look at hats with this structured cloche with flowers.

gifs make I’ve borrowed the neighbourhood cat for today’s BusiChic shot where I’m wearing a Country Road wool blazer and faux-fur Alannah Hill scarf over my Bento LBD and accessorised with Camper “Twins”,  and felt cloche hat with flowers from Scally & Trombone. Many thanks to Scally & Trombone for loan of the hats featured this week. 

A selection of sassy hats at Scally & Trombone.

Scally & Trombone is a delightfully-visually-displayed shop on Brunswick Street that I’ve long enjoyed poking my head into. Full of colourful accessories and helpful shop staff, I recommend dropping by in the event that you need help to find that special something to brighten up your workwear or as a present for someone else!

Many thanks to the lovely Margeaux of Scally & Trombone who capably navigated me through the store’s offering to find the hats to feature for this series!

BusiChics can find Scally & Trombone at 331 Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, Melbourne! What did you think of the hat styles that I shared this week? Do you have any favourite hat styles that you would like to see on your way to work? gifs make

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  1. Love this hat the most out of them all!

    I think the cat is so cute too! 🙂 It looks a little confused to be included in the photo shoot, so cute 🙂


    • hehehe I KNOW!

      Tiger (how I’ve christened her!) kept walking in and out of the shots so I figured I’d feature her properly in one; she quickly ran off after! 😀

  2. I’ve been waiting for your hat project ever since you told me about it on Instagram, Cheryl, and love the results. The structured cloche style that you featured in this post is my favourite, too – it looks great on you!

    • Thanks Michelle! I love your instagrams and particularly how we seem to be somewhat in synch on things like hats and crystals 😉 Thanks for your lovely comment too 🙂

  3. Such a sweet kitty!

    I’m not normally one to wear hats, but I think it’s more to do with not knowing what type of hat would suit my noggin…

    • Hi Laura – thanks for your comment!
      I completely understand the “not-knowing” thing that you mention so my suggestion is to find a place with great service who provide a comfortable setting in which to try on and play around to find the right one/s! That’s something that I hope this series shows 🙂

  4. You’ve done such a great job with the hats Cheryl. I’d love to be able to wear more hats but it’s so hard to find ones that fit me properly. I think in Canberra you can get away with wearing them more especially during Winter because it’s just so cold! Margeaux looks lovely, I’ll have to make a note to pop into Scally & Trombone when I’m in Melbourne in a couple of weeks xoxox

    • Thanks Vanisha! Yes Canberra does have the kind of perfect weather to wear hats to work, let us know if you do it! And I can’t remember whether I replied to you on instagram but be sure to get in touch if you’d like a wee tour of Melbourne; I’m happy to play your guide!

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