Week 29: LBD goes 90s with the Blossom beret

In Week 29 of the Little Black Dress (LBD) Project I explore the wintry options of covering up my LBD for the commute to work. Check in each day this week to see how I top things off with a different style of hat as worked by style setters like childhood hero from the 90s show Blossom! 

Oh BusiChic, were you born in the 80s like me? If so, I wonder whether 90s show Blossom had a special place in your heart as it did mine. I was a big fan of Blossom as played by Mayim Bialik for her winning combination of spunky can-do-attitude packaged in totally dorky-but-fun style.

Spunky can-do character packaged in dorky-but-fun fashions: 90s heroine Blossom as played by Mayim Bialik. Photo collage: fabsugar

I owned a Blossom-inspired beret hat that had a daisy on it. I used to count it as one of my most fabulous fashion faux-pas of the era. So you can imagine my delight when I came across a beret with flowers that was chic enough to wear to work!

Week 29: Hat style as inspired by 90s tv heroine Blossom!

Week 29: Standing at the tram stop and wondering whether there are fellow fans of Blossom around me!

I’ve layered a Country Road wool blazer and faux-fur Alannah Hill scarf over my Bento LBD and accessorised with Camper “Twins”, Belle Bijoux handbag and black beret with grey felt flowers from Scally & Trombone in Melbourne.

Stay tuned this week for more celebrity-inspired hat style with my Little Black Dress. For more LBD Project outfits, click here!

 Many thanks for the loan of hats to Scally & Trombone, a shop at 331 Brunswick Street which I have frequented since I was still in highschool (i.e. a long time)!
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  1. Cute hat! I love your bag and shoes with this look too 🙂


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