Week 31: LBD goes after-dark with lace

In Week 31 of the Little Black Dress (LBD) Project I turn to the timeliness of lace to take this simple LBD from office to after-work-chic!

Something occurred to me recently, that this project of mine that seeks to show the versatility of a Little Black Dress in one’s work wardrobe was initially more of a style project than a fashion one. Simply put, fashion changes; style does not.

Where I’ve felt appropriate, I have shared “fashion” pieces from designers; I like to show what’s new that can be incorporated into one’s work wardrobe. However I believe that the pieces I’ve selected update what I already have and are relatively timeless themselves (which raises the question whether you would like to see more trend-driven pieces!?). Also for the most part, I’ve refashioned my LBD with pieces already in my own wardrobe.

There’s another quote I’ve been thinking a lot about recently:

It means “to eat is a need, enjoyment is an art.” It used to be pasted up in a tiny vegetarian kebab shop up the road from my apartment in Berlin; a place I spent a great deal of time actually staring at that quote while munching on highly enjoyable haloumi kebabs as the sun warmed my back. Anyhow it’s a principle that I also apply to my consumption of fashion. I try not to merely consume fashion, I want to enjoy it. My credit card statements and my wardrobe are much tidier that way. So it might not seem like much but here’s a little something something from my wardrobe that I like to use to add a dressy ladylike element to my workwear to create a Polished look that is perhaps a little dressy for the corporate office but translates quite well to after-five events:

Week 31 – make a simple LBD after-work-chic by popping on a layer of lace and accessorising with a statement clutch.

I’m wearing Bento’s Ruby Dress with a vintage lace bolero that I picked up from the Lost & Found Market, a very old but loved pair of Mimco earrings that I turn to for pops of colour in my workwear and a clutch that a friendgifted me as she no longer had any use for it; don’t you love it when that happens!?

making a gif

What approach do you like to take with your workwear? I’m interested to see whether you would actually like to see more fashion trend reporting here on BusinessChic!

Have a Little Black Dress of your own and want to see more ways that you can style your LBD for work?  Click here!

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  1. That lace bolero is beautiful! It looks really nice with the dress 🙂

    I’m happy to see however you decide to style the dress – if you keep it classic or go for more trendy pieces. I just like seeing how other people wear things to get inspired 🙂


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