Work Outerwear in Bloom

Greetings BusiChic,

Welcome to a new week of work style inspiration. I’m pretty excited to have a bevvy of fresh new BusiChic faces to share with you because I sure have had a lot of myself up recently as I try to catch up on my Little Black Dress (LBD) Project!

Today’s business attire comes courtesy of two BusiChics in Contemporary Business Wear – which refers to outfits that one can wear in less-formal office settings or less-formal days in the office.


Great examples of how to bring colour into the workplace: brighten up simple all black ensembles with a blazer or coat in your favourite hue.

When wearing bright clothing, I also like to pare back make up and opt for a natural look a la these BusiChics. The overall effect is simply less complicated that way.

Black ballet flats are a simple way to commute to work more comfortably, however as I’ve found out the hard way (and now have to wear orthotics as a result); please make sure that they are well-maintained and offer enough space and support for your feet!

I caught today’s BusiChics in the middle of their lunch break on the windiest of days so we parted ways before I could get the details of their ensembles. But I hope that I’ve captured here how easy it is to bring some colour to work; what do you think? Also a neat little study in the difference between opaque and more sheer hosiery – oh the options a BusiChic has when kitting up for work! How do you make that decision, yourself? Personally, I find it easier to always opt for opaques particularly as I think they help make me look taller…what about you?

Do you work in a Contemporary Business Wear environment and want to see more ideas on what you can wear to work? Get clicky here! NB: Lots of my styling of a LBD for work is for a Contemporary Business Wear environment so please be warned that you’ll see a few of my ensembles in this category!
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  1. Love the idea of a bright jacket against an all black outfit!

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