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BusiChics are busy people. I apologise for not having a blogpost for you yesterday (I did recently state that I’ll now be blogging on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and possibly also Sundays!); however from the conversations I’ve been having with some of your IRL (“In Real Life” – it’s always so nice to get to speak with BusiChics, IRL!) it sounds like you have been busy too!

I’m currently on annual leave so that I can try get on top of things-I’ve-been-meaning-to-do. One of these things is; I launched the new BusinessChic Instagram account. For those of you who like to take photos and share with your friends; I suggest taking a look at this app if you haven’t already. More fluent social media types might already know that Instagram can be linked to your Facebook and Twitter accounts which makes snappy sharing a breeze! That said, being a person of some words; I thought I’d start sharing some of my favourite images I’ve taken on the app to provide a wee bit more context. Come walk with me!

BusinessChic on Instagram: my snaps of workers going about their daily business; business streetstyle and other things I spy to keep you stylish workers inspired.

It’s Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) this week and each night I’ve been front row and snapping the work-appropriate outfits that I think would look great in the office! Stay tuned next week for my report on the updates and pieces that’ll take you through the workday, multiple-seasons-in-one-day, investment dressing and party season!

Fashion fun: Aurelio Costarella showed some outlandish pom-pom accessories that reminded me of some experimenting that I have been doing with trying to make pom poms work-appropriate…. I haven’t been successful yet!

BusiChics take interest in clever and stylish things; so I made a little tribute to one of the season’s sold-out accessories, the Jil Sander Vasari clutch. Sponsor BusinessChic and receive our cheeky take here!

ACMI @Federation Square have a special fashion film program on this week especially for MSFW. Here is the Deep in Vogue program curator, James Nolen after the shows on Day 2 of the festival. What smart colours! I’d love to see some more blokes dressing so bravely in the office; what do you think?

I detoured from MSFW to attend a VECCI Women in Business event where we heard from Layne Beachley. An inspiration on personal and business fronts, stay tuned for my write-up!

Gosh Creatives get to have fun with their workwear, don’t they! Here’s ACMI film program curator James Nolen again in a custom-made Koala-vest. AMazing!

BusinessChic on Instagram; also featuring my snaps taken of busy workers on the go! Dom wears a Contemporary Business Wear ensemble consisting of navy suit, crisp white shirt, contrasting tan shoes and classic Rayban Wayfarers. Stylin’!

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