How much for this paper bag?

BusiChics like clever little takes on things.

So I couldn’t believe my eyes when my afternoon-gaze came across this headline on The Age:


“Well, I’ll be!” – I thought to myself.


Now for all of you who were shocked, let me tell you that having done the research; $285 for a designer carry-all is cheap-as… I’ll let you finish that sentence! However if you take a step back and think about it –  a bunch of clever design people have done something pretty special here by elevating the banal lunchbag into the coveted status of all carry-alls. Such a simple/cheeky/clever thing to have done! To think that a paper bag is an “It-bag” that has whole articles and blogposts dedicated to it!

Runway chic ~ Jil Sander's Vasari clutch sold-out world-wide.

If you want one of Jil Sander’s bags, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one as they are sold out, world-wide. Yes, ma’am.

So I decided to make one of my own and offer up for sale to you, dear BusiChic at any price you’re willing to pay plus postage. If you have ever been a fan of this BusinessChic blog, consider making a donation and receiving the BusinessChic Paper bag as my “thank you” 😉

Now presenting: the BusinessChic Paper Bag!

The BusinessChic Paper Bag Made of paper and stamped with the BusinessChic logo in office-stamp red. This batch comes in an exclusively limited run of fifty (“50”). Each bag comes to you hand-numbered; numbers can be provided upon request. When purchasing, simply specify the number you are after in the “instructions to the seller”. Numbers in the sequence will only be delivered the onces on a first-come basis; make sure you get yours quick!

…the BusinessChic Paper Bag is yours for any price you choose to donate but please add on $4.50 for postage & handling!

Help support BusinessChic by making a donation. Factor in $4.50 postage and provide your Australian postal address to receive ONE BusinessChic Paper Bag. IF the above button is not taking you to the donation; please try this link!

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