Rest in Peace

Dearest BusiChic,

I’ve debated all this week whether to post about the disappearance of Brunswick woman, Jill Meagher. The Melbourne woman went missing in the early hours of last Saturday morning after leaving end-of-week drinks with her work colleagues. On Twitter, in conversations with my own work colleagues and those I’ve overheard around town; we have all wished and prayed for her safe return. This morning however, our worst fears were confirmed.

RIP, Jill Meagher. image: ABC

I know that I’m not the only one who is shattered to hear that Jill won’t be coming home to her husband Tom, family, friends and colleagues. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

I’ll be saving my opinions about the man that police have arrested because publishing them here, on Twitter or Facebook may give the accused a legal loophole to get off.

During the week Melbourne writer, Clementine Ford, penned this piece that talks about victim-blaming… I highly recommend reading it.

What I hope is that the welling of support and concern that took place on social media, in real life – upon the news of Jill’s disappearance – puts off any  potential perpetrators. That they will know that harming or taking any one of us will not go un-noticed. We are men and women who are cared for by our loved ones, by colleagues, by perfect strangers.

So on this last day of the week, remember that you are not anonymous. That you are cared for. And pay that forward to the men and women that you pass by in the street. If you are standing with an umbrella in the rain and the person next to you doesn’t have one, for goodness sake, invite them to share yours. Let’s look after each other that one little bit more. I wish you each a safe weekend.


  1. Thankyou for this post Cheryl.

  2. busichic rocks

    • Wow, thank you Richard. I’ll be switching off comments on this post.

      Sorry for those of you who wish to comment, thank you for visiting and big hug to you.

  3. Hi Cheryl – great post. I feel so incredibly sad for Jill’s family & friends. Thank you for this post.

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