How to ride to work and look chic

Greetings BusiChic,

Today is the official Ride2Work day! To celebrate here, I thought that it was only fair to share a stylish look for ladies who might be inspired to ride to work. Take a look at today’s BusiChic featuree, Julia:

Work in creative office? Cycle to work in style like Julia does by seeking out functional but chic pieces.

Julia’s outfit is comprised of chic but functional pieces that can be worn in a myriad of ways. The key components are:

  • Free-to-move: Julia’s bright long-sleeve top is a classic cut, on-trend in an eye-catching neon and not stiff which means that she can move about with ease. Similarly the style of her skirt is important; short enough to not get stuck in gears and A-line in shape enough to allow her to mount, ride her bike and dismount with ease. And black  opaque stockings both help maintain modesty when cycling in a skirt as well as warmth in cold weather.
  • Windbreaker: Cyclists might find that riding into the wind can be very chilly which makes a windbreaking jacket a must. I like how Julia’s also has bell-shaped sleeves which both adds panache plus that all-important room to move. I also like adding a scarf to keep my neck warm whilst cycling.
  • Appropriate footwear: My personal rule of thumb is the shorter the distance, the more frivolous the shoe I can wear when cycling. As such, I tend to cycle in high heels! However Julia’s lace ups are much more appropriate for those with a longer commute or who simply ride faster than I do!
  • Storage: A good bag is already hard to find but particularly one to cycle with! While some cyclists opt for panniers and the like, I’m similar to Julia in that I like to have a basket on my ride that can carry my carry-all. Note that I’ve also started making sure said carry-all zips up; something that I learnt when the bike that I’d left standing fell over with the contents of my bag going everywhere!

Those in more conservative workplaces might wish to keep a pencil skirt or pair of trousers and heels in the office that you can change into for a more formal look.

Did you ride to work today? What did you wear?

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  1. Working from home, I don’t cycle to work, but many in our country town do. There are some amazing cycling tracks around here and I have always wondered how they get around helmet hair! I’m off to read your other post 😉

  2. I like her stylish layers, really nice for work and cycling 🙂

  3. The shoes are my favourite part of that outfit: so cute yet just fine for cycling to work.

    I have to admit, I’m not tempted to switch my walk to work for a ride. Although that’s mostly because the ride to work would be a breeze; it’s the uphill return home that is not so appealing!

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