NEW side project: Busi Chic Delight!

Dearest BusiChic,

Happy Sunday!

Yes, having made plans to blog my business streetstyle photos three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), I’ve now got some brain space to pursue other projects. The latest is Busi Chic Delight – a space where I’ll be sharing things which I find “chic” but aren’t necessarily business-related.

For example, I recently bought a lot (no pun intended) of vintage hats at auction. The box of hats is so large that I can’t fit it in my house so it’s currently taking up my car backseat and creating a blindspot – eek! But I tell you, BusiChic – what beauties are held within this box!

Here’s a sample of some that I’m selling through the Busi Chic Delight page:

[Sale Pending] Vintage hat up for sale on the Busi Chic Delight Page

A delightful hand-stitched vintage chapeau in chic shades of blue.

If delightful vintage flowers are your thing then you simply must swing by the Pop-Up Hat shop that I’m throwing in my garden TODAY!



I’m having a pop-up hat shop in my flower-filled front yard to move my bounty of vintage hats! If you would like to come, get yourself to Dimmeys, Richmond and simply follow the plastic flowers 😉

Now I’m taking bids on the hats that I’ve posted on the Busi Chic Delight page. However, I simply don’t have time to photograph every single one of my vintage hats to sell on Facebook. So I’m having a POP-UP hat shop in my flower-filled front yard TODAY!

If you are looking for a delightful vintage hat to charm fashionistas at the races or your darling whilst having a romantic picnic on a sunny afternoon ~ do stop by the Busi Chic Delight POP-UP Hat Shop!

WHEN: 11-4pm TODAY (OCT 14th)

WHERE: At the risk of posting up my actual address on the interwebs, I’m making a little treasure hunt for those of you who are interested. Simply get yourself to Dimmeys, Richmond and follow the plastic flowers.

If you get lost, write me on Busi Chic Delight or tweet @busichic, hashtag #popuphatshop

Thank you @EvieRock for creating a hashtag #popuphatshop – for those of you playing on Twitter!


Hope that you’ll like Busi Chic Delight and to see you between TODAY at the Pop-Up Hat Shop for fun un-work-related times! 😀


  1. hope you had fun at your hat sale! 🙂

  2. lordcoconut says

    Cool idea and it’s a pity I couldn’t take Lady Coconut down to have a look.

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