Product review: Airhead for the cyclist who doesn’t want helmet hair!

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Want to ride your bike to work but worried you’ll get a dose of the dreaded helmet hair?

Welcome to a weekend post that is sponsored by our friends at CycleStyle!

Joyce from CycleStyle invited me to review her newest product that claims to help prevent helmet hair. A big claim that I as a fashion blogger who would like to ride to work, simply had to test out. Firstly let’s take a look at this product called Airhead:

Introducing, the Airhead, which claims to help helmet-wearers avoid the dreaded phenomenon of HELMET HAIR! There are a range of colours to choose from, here’s the one I got in TicTac Packet Orange!

Yup it’s super easy to pop an Airhead in your helmet! Simply have the bouncy spikes facing outwards so they can create space to get some air moving through your hair as you cycle. The ideas is that with air in your hair, you won’t get as sweaty and therefore don’t get helmet hair – we’ll see!

Regular readers of BusiChic will know that I ride my bike to work when my jobs are based in the city (my bread&butter job is a little further out!). This involves cycling into the city (approx 4kms)  and from one end to the other for appointments and work. Normally, the moment I pull off my helmet I’d find that my fringe is stuck to my forehead and the crown of my head all sweaty. Take a look at my day using the Airhead!:

Top L-R: Before Cycling;  sneaky pic of my hair prior to a meeting I’d just cycled to.

Bottom images: Cycling about town~ up hill; getting sweaty face and in light rain!

So after all of that, I got home and ready for the big reveal to see whether the Airhead delivered on its claim. Here we go!:
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Et voila! I’m pretty happy with the results. When I dry my hair, I use David Babaii for Wild Aid Bohemian Beach Spray which gives me more volume. However I have a fringe which is normally plastered to my forehead after some light peddling but this was not the case after cycling home whilst wearing the Airhead. Win!

So what does it feel like?  It’s comfortable. The “spikes” that stick out from the Airhead are pretty bouncy and just buffered against my hair; thereby creating the spaces through which air could come in and cool my scalp. Surprisingly, even though I was cycling on what was the coldest-day-of-October, I didn’t feel like I got a cold head. As someone who feels the cold, I’m pretty pleased with that!

How do you look after it? The Airhead is easily removed and can be rinsed and dried or wiped down. Very easy to clean.

How much and where can I get it? This clever piece of Australian-developed technology is priced reasonably at $29.95 – get yours at CycleStyle here!

Have on any more questions about the Airhead? Just ask me or visit CycleStyle!

After 8 kilometers of cycling: I’m pretty happy getting about my work day helmet-hair-free, thanks to Airhead!

I already can’t wait to Ride2Work (approx 9kms for me, you?) on October 17 (next Wednesday) to see whether the Airhead is still just as effective as it’d be nice to be able to ride to work daily. It’d mean less parking tickets and more incidental exercise; my favourite kind!

Many thanks to Joyce aka Miss CycleStyle for the opportunity to review the Airhead which you can get here!

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