The Bike Gallery, Camberwell

Greetings BusiChic,

Welcome to Monday! I was considering doing a post about Mondayitis and sharing all of the motivational images I’ve been collecting only to figure that you’ve probably seen them all on Facebook already as well! As such, I’m going to focus on my excitement that the official Ride2Work day is THIS Wednesday (October 17).

Which brings me to a stylish bike-shop-come-cafe that I’ve come across recently: Bike Gallery.

I’ve been meaning to visit Bike Gallery for some time now on the recommendation of Hannah of Hannmaid who stocks her cycle cufflinks there (btw, did you see Hannmaid racing cufflinks featured in The Age? They’re the same style that my brother was wearing in this post I published last week!) and stylish Jamie whom I connected with through social media but then we worked out in that Melbourne way; went to school with my brother. wow!

Anyhoo, I finally made it over and was blown away by the sleekness of the set up:

Bike Gallery: cafe/bike shop in Hawthorn East. Ridiculously sleek, stylish and inviting – who said that the suburbs had to be sleepy!?

I’ve come to notice that the Bike Gallery attracts a stylish crew of professionals who incorporate their passion for cycling into the work ensembles in charming ways. How’s this for a modern take on Business Casual?:

Self-employed Rick sporting a modern take on Business Casual.

I like how Rick’s created a modern take on the Business Casual dress code by wearing a sports jacket and rocking an all bright-blue shirt and tie ensemble.

Bike Gallery is at 74 Auburn Parade, Hawthorn East.

Will you be riding to work on Wednesday? There will be a series of free breakfasts and events around town for those who do – I believe that details are available when you register. I’ve actually agreed to sponsor my boyfriend if he rides to work on Ride2Work Day whilst wearing a school dress, details here:

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Hope that you have a great start to the week!

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